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Seagate Technology reported first-quarter revenues growth nearly 35% year-over-year 10/26/2021
Seagate's consistent financial results, CEO Dave Mosley said on a conference call, is due in part to the growing demand for mass capacity storage.
PragmatIC Semiconductor gets funding to build flexible fab 10/26/2021
“The first fab was introduced a couple of years ago, for which demand has been good. We expect to reach capacity soon, so the new planned fab will be a larger capacity version of the existing one. The second fab will also be a template for offering a fab-on-site to customers in the future, which will be modular and low capex.”
China has emerged as a powerhouse for AI unicorns 10/26/2021
Despite the regulatory shakeups and the COVID-19 pandemic notwithstanding, China has emerged as a powerhouse for artificial intelligence (AI) unicorns, according to Thematic Research at GlobalData, a leading data, and analytics company.
Applied Materials use massive data and AI to determine semiconductor process 10/26/2021
Conventionally, chip makers have used the scribe lines separating dies on a silicon wafer as an optical proximate target for metrology and process control. But scribe lines of up to 30 microns are far out of proportion to semiconductor devices with geometries at the 5-nm node. Hence, the correlation between scribe lines and end devices has become much more complex. Critical chip dimensions are far smaller than the huge target used for optical calibration in the production process.
Nvidia announced its developer toolbox for supporting AI-powered robotics 10/25/2021
Nvidia, which is trying to assert its lead as a supplier of processors for AI applications, announced a host of “performance perception” technologies that would be part of what it will now call Isaac ROS. This includes computer vision and AI/ML functionality in ROS-based applications to support things like autonomous robots.
SEMICON Japan returns to Tokyo 10/25/2021
SEMICON Japan 2021 Hybrid will showcase opportunities for the semiconductor manufacturing and design supply chain to enable a smarter world through advances in Smart Mobility, mobile communications and other applications powering industry growth.
Texas Instruments unveiled new 3D Hall-effect position sensors for factory automation 10/25/2021
The sensor is promoted as providing integrated functions and diagnostics to maximize design flexibility and system safety while saving energy.
Planned TSMC plant in Japan expected to drive up operational cost 10/25/2021
Western nations are demanding a secure supply of semiconductors as their domestic automakers continue to idle production lines because of chip shortages. Those governments are seeking manufacturing investments from leading chip makers in Asia such as Samsung of South Korea and TSMC of Taiwan, as well as Intel.
Keysight Technologies Inc. acquired Scalable Network Technologies 10/22/2021
Keysight Technologies Inc. has acquired Scalable Network Technologies, a leader in communications network simulation and modeling solutions for design, test and analysis, as well as cyber assessment and training.
OPPO to design their own Android smartphone chips 10/22/2021
Nikkei reports that Oppo is working on a custom chip design that could debut in the brand’s smartphones as soon as 2023 or 2024, depending on the pace of development.
Electric vehicle (EV) sales up 177% 10/22/2021
Electric vehicle (EV) sales in Asia and the Middle East reached 1,802,723 units for January to August 2021, up by 177% year-on-year, according to the Worldwide Monthly BEV & PHEV Tracker from Researcher and Research LLC.
PC shipment broke record again 10/22/2021
Global PC shipments marked their sixth consecutive year-on-year (YoY) growth in the third quarter of 2021 at 84.2 million units. This came despite the ongoing component shortages and other supply constraints.
Micron to build a new DRAM plant in Japan 10/21/2021
The new chip fab will produce advanced DRAM for the data center, as the company is shifting focus away from the consumer market after selling its 3D XPoint fab to Texas Instruments.
GlobalFoundries to IPO on Nasdaq for $47 billion 10/21/2021
GloFo is to sell 33 million shares and major shareholder Mubadala is to sell 22 million shares for between $42 and $47 a share in an attempt to raise $2.6 billion.
Bit demand in DRAM to increase while revenue will stay flat 10/21/2021
Total DRAM bit supply is projected to grow by 17.9% in 2022. DRAM bit demand to increase by 16.3% in 2022. DRAM revenue for 2022 will likely be mostly flat.
Gallium arsenide (GaN) technology has taken opportunity to grow in automotive electronic 10/21/2021
For example, Kubos Semiconductor is developing a new material called cubic GaN. “It’s the cubic form of gallium nitride and we can not only produce it on large-scale wafers — 150 mm and above — but potentially, they can scale to higher wafer sizes and can slot seamlessly into existing production lines,”
Wolfspeed, formerly Cree, gets design win to suppply SiC wafer for GM EV productions 10/20/2021
Wolfspeed, formerly Cree, kicked off its rebranding with a major design win: A supply chain agreement with GM to develop and produce silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors for the automaker’s EVs. In August,
Alibaba shows home grown ARM based server chip 10/20/2021
Alibaba Cloud has revealed a home-grown CPU for servers, based on the Arm architecture, that it has already deployed powering its cloud services.
Apple shows off its in house developed M1 and M1 Pro system in a chip 10/20/2021
The M1 had been widely successful for Apple, showcasing fantastic performance at never-before-seen power efficiency in the laptop market. Although the M1 was fast, it was still a somewhat smaller SoC – still powering devices such as the iPad Pro line-up, and a corresponding lower TDP, naturally still losing out to larger more power-hungry chips from the competition.
China runs behind on Semiconductor due to shortage of talent pool 10/20/2021
China faces a chronic shortage of scientific and engineering talent that may hamper its efforts to become a semiconductor superpower and reduce its reliance on imported chips, according to industry figures.
Rambus announced sampling of DDR5 server memory modules 10/19/2021
This level of performance, according to the company, represents a 17% increase in data rate over the first-generation 4800 MT/s DDR5 RCD. With the addition of a number of key innovations, Rambus has been able to deliver 5600 MT/s performance at lower latency and power while optimizing timing parameters for improved RDIMM margins.
NGK Insulators plans European plant switch to renewable energy 10/19/2021
NGK Ceramics Europe in Belgium will use completely green power, “procuring electricity generated through wind power as well as generating power by installing solar panels on its site”
New JEDEC Standard making it easier to change out flash memory soldered into connected devices applications 10/19/2021
The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has released its first iteration of the Crossover Flash Memory (XFM) Embedded and Removable Memory Device (XFMD) standard. The spec outlines a new universal data storage media providing an interface between NVM Express (NVMe) and PCI Express (PCIe) in a small, thin form factor.
Component shortage slows smartphone market 10/19/2021
Global smartphone shipments fell by 6% in the third quarter of 2021 as vendors struggled to meet demand for devices amid component shortages, according to market analyst Canalys.
Israeli AI chip startup Hailo has raised $136 million in a Series C funding 10/18/2021
Hailo’s latest cash infusion will be used to continue building its software offering and support teams. The company has expanded its presence globally over the last year, opening offices in Tokyo, Taipei, Munich and Silicon Valley.
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