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JPMorgan - "Wait till 2023 to see better days in Semiconductor supply" 11/22/2021
The U.S. investment bank is recommending investors pursue longer-term trends in the semiconductor space — in areas like high-end computing globally as well as less-advanced technologies in China.
Keysight Technologies to get into EV battery testing 11/22/2021
Automotive manufacturers, suppliers and test facilities need to increase the driving range of an EV, its performance and safety, while reducing costs. When developing and testing high-voltage EV batteries, time becomes critical in a competitive market.
Smartphone production to return to pre-pandemic quantity 11/22/2021
Market analyst TrendForce expects the smartphone industry to rebound and post marginal growth next year, assuming that economic activities worldwide will mostly return to normal by then.
TSMC collected $3.8 billions prepayment for orders at the new fab. 11/19/2021
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the world's largest foundry, disclosed in a filing that it received temporary receipts of around $3.825 billion (NT$106,33 billion) from customers as of September 30, 2021. Temporary receipts from TSMC's customers are payments received to retain its capacity.
India inaugurated an advanced 650-teraflop supercomputing facility 11/19/2021
India has inaugurated an advanced 650-teraflop supercomputing facility at National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) at Mohali, which will act as a facilitator for start-ups working in areas like telemedicine, digital health, mHealth with big data, AI, blockchain, and other technologies.
Shanghai Zhenghai Semiconductor JV with Rohm to provide power module solutions 11/19/2021
the joint venture agreement is to establish a new power module business. Dubbed “HAIMOSIC”, it will be founded in China in December 2021. Shanghai Zhenghai Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhenghai Semiconductor) of the Zhenghai Group will own 80% and Rohm 20%.
Microchip is Recognized at EE Awards Asia to have focus on smart, connected, and secure solutions 11/19/2021
The company’s solutions serve more than 120,000 customers across the industrial, automotive, consumer, aerospace and defense, communications and computing markets.
Texas Instruments proposed to build up to four new plants at Sherman, Texas 11/18/2021
Construction on the first two fabrication plants is slated to begin some time in 2022 and production of TI’s 300-millimeter wafers is expected to start by 2025, according to the company. TI will have the option to build out two additional plants at the site in the future.
U.K. government wants further info on Nvidia’s proposed acquisition of IP vendor Arm 11/18/2021
The move comes three weeks after the European Commission opened an antitrust probe to assess the proposed acquisition under the EU merger regulation, saying it must render a decision by March 15, 2022.
Tektronix crowned Best in Test and Measurements 11/18/2021
The company is best known for its test and measurement devices such as oscilloscopes and signal generators since 1946. By breaking down the walls of complexity for engineers with its test and measurement solutions, Tektronix is enabling innovators to do more, accelerating global innovation.
Cadence received Best EDA Product of the Year award at the inaugural EE Awards Asia 11/18/2021
Over the past 30 years, Cadence has grown from being an EDA provider into an Intelligent System Design provider delivering hardware, software, and IP for electronic design. And its transformation continues.
Samsung is looking for new site at the city of Taylor, northeast of Austin 11/17/2021
The city of Taylor in Texas, with a population of around 18,000, is currently considered the front-runner in the race to become home to the new plant.
Lattice Semiconductor acquired Mirametrix for software and AI capability 11/17/2021
Mirametrix software has been successfully deployed in more than 20 million end user systems worldwide. Combining Mirametrix’s expertise with Lattice’s innovative hardware and software solution stacks creates an end-to-end AI and computer vision solution that spans from the hardware to the application layer.
Smartphone camera resolution continue to improve 11/17/2021
According to the latest research from Counterpoint Smartphone Camera Tracker, smartphones featuring rear main cameras powered by 48MP and above megapixels accounted for 43% of total sales in Q2 2021, rising significantly from 38.7% in Q1 2021. The share of 64MP alone increased 3.5% QoQ to 14% in Q2 2021.
Cadence Design System enhanced Samsung foundry process 11/17/2021
The unified Cadence library characterization system provided a powerful combination of characterization and library validation, enabling Samsung to reduce turnaround time and improve productivity versus previous nodes.
Intel’s chip production in China contested by the Biden administration 11/16/2021
Intel proposed making silicon wafers in a Chengdu, China factory, which could start production towards the end of 2022. However, Intel’s plans were “strongly discouraged” by White House officials due to potential security issues.
Wolfspeed signed agreement to develop carbide (SiC) power devices for GM’s electric vehicles 11/16/2021
“With our technology, we are continuously driving for lower RDS(on), larger die sizes, and higher ampacity packaging. We anticipated a growing demand for silicon carbide and started seriously investing in capacity expansion about three years ago with the expansion of our materials facility in North Carolina and our new Mohawk Valley fab,"
Intel launched the first commercially available microprocessor 50 years ago 11/16/2021
The Intel 4004. Our industry can trace itself back to this seminal event, and it’s amazing the progress the industry has made in 50 years. Intel has created a site dedicated to the anniversary that will have links to videos by the early designers and a wealth of information on the development of the chip.
Hailo advanced to the next level in Autonomous Driving 11/16/2021
The Hailo-8 AI Processor for Edge Devices—which the company claims as the world’s most powerful and efficient edge AI processor—is now in production and in the hands of dozens of customers from various application fields ranging from automotive through smart cities, retail, access control, and industrial automation, to name a few.
President Joe Biden put additional restriction on semiconductor equipment shipments to China 11/15/2021
The Secure Equipment Act, the latest effort by the U.S. government to crack down on Chinese telecom and tech companies, was approved unanimously by the U.S. Senate on Oct. 28 and earlier in the month by the U.S. House on a 420-4 vote.
KIOXIA Europe offers first Data Center Standard Form Factor (EDSFF) E3.S SSDs 11/15/2021
The company said that the KIOXIA CD7 E3.S Series was bringing a new era to flash memory used in servers and storage. Building on E3.S development samples, the CD7 E3.S Series increases flash storage density per drive delivering both optimised power efficiency and rack consolidation.
In making the robotaxis business 11/15/2021
Emerging mobility services will cost less per mile than current conventional taxis and rail-hailing services. The wild card, the market tracker notes, is whether robotaxis will replace car ownership.
Several board-level members resigned at China SMIC 11/15/2021
The company is no stranger to top-level shakeups in recent years. In December 2020, the Shanghai-based chip maker appointed Chiang to the same positions from which eleven months later he has resigned — executive director, vice chairman and member of the strategic committee. SMIC indicated last December that co-CEO Liang might resign.
Broadcom Software Group beats estimate 11/12/2021
Broadcom Software has more than 3,200 patents, and about 80% of its workforce is dedicated to R&D efforts. The company invests about 14% of its revenue into R&D.
DRAM prices to pull back after 8 months of increase 11/12/2021
PC and server manufacturers purchased large quantities of DRAM in the first half of 2021 to help alleviate potential manufacturing and shipping delays later in the year. They are expected to curtail their high level of DRAM purchases in 4Q21 in order to burn through existing inventory. PC and server DRAM prices are expected to slip 0-5% in 4Q21.
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