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U.S. Air Force aim to expand its electronic warfare capability 5/3/2019
“To be a lethal force of the future, we need to lead in research, technology and innovation,” said Brig. Gen. David Gaedecke, director of the Air Force’s Cyberspace Operations and Warfighter Communications branch. “Superiority in the spectrum underpins all of these.”
Electronics supply chain see continue spot shortage 5/3/2019
One global distributor describes the environment as “normalizing” but cautions there’s still a lot of instability in the 2019 forecast.
Qualcomm to realize $4.5 billion windfall from settlement 5/3/2019
The windfall will more than double third quarter revenues for the mobile chip giant amid a smartphone market where it sees continued weakness.
Memory recession reduced 12 inch wafers output 5/2/2019
With the memory-chip market continuing to weaken, demand for silicon wafers, particularly 12-inch ones, has been dragged down further, the sources noted. Prices for 12-inch silicon wafers are likely to fall back.
The Fed to leave interest rate alone for now 5/2/2019
The Fed will likely reiterate a message that has reassured consumers and investors since the start of the year: No rate hikes are likely anytime soon. The Fed's low-rate policy is keeping borrowing costs down, helping boost stock prices and supporting an economy that's growing steadily.
Trump agreed with Demoncrate to work towards a $2 billion infrastructure plan 5/2/2019
Both sides seemed determined to show a willingness to work with the other, even as tensions between the White House and congressional Democrats have only intensified with the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's redacted report on Russia meddling in the 2016 elections.
Inder Singh appointed CFO at ARM 5/2/2019
Arm’s owner, SoftBank, has publicly indicated it is considering an exit from Arm through an IPO. The appointment of a CFO with Singh’s specific background could be the clearest way of achieving and maybe even accelerating this goal.
China's Longsys Electronics to feature Yangtze Memory Technologies' (YMTC) NAND Flash chips 5/1/2019
Longsys will adopt controller chips developed in-house by Yeetor Microelectronics and Maxio Technology in the new flash storage product, and will have Payton technology and Zhen Kun Technology provide backend services for it. These partners are all China-based,
South Korea plan lessen reliance on memory chip 5/1/2019
South Korea has set its sights on establishing itself as the world's top player in the foundry business by the target year, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said. The ministry said the country will also expand its market share in the fabless segment to 10 percent from 1.6 percent posted last year, as it strives to take full advantage of sweeping economic changes under the fourth industrial revolution.
Sales declined at General Motors 5/1/2019
Overall vehicle sales in the U.S. dropped. In North America, sales fell to 775,000 vehicles from 827,000 vehicles. In the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, vehicle sales declined to 947,000 from 1.1 billion.
China's factory activity grew amid trade war 5/1/2019
"The worst of China's slowdown in late 2018 and early 2019 is over," said Bill Adams of PNC Financial Services Group in a report. Caixin magazine's monthly purchasing managers' index decelerated to 50.2 from March's 50.8 on a 100-point scale.
NOR flash memory prices stablizing 4/30/2019
The sources said that the price fall may slow to under 10% in the second quarter and narrow further to lower single-digit level in the third and fourth quarters along with gradual easing of oversupply.
Japan reports setback in trade and export 4/30/2019
Exports from Japan, the world's 3rd largest economy, fell 2.4% from a year earlier to 7.2 trillion yen ($64 billion), while imports rose 1% to 6.7 trillion yen ($59 billion). The trade surplus dropped 32% from a year earlier to 528.5 billion yen ($4.7 billion), customs figures showed.
Silicon Labs offer new IoT module with built-in antenna 4/30/2019
“We sell both chips and multiple flavors of modules including ones with antennas, and we see more customers adopting modules. It removes [wireless] certification complexity — people can save six months in time-to-market,”
Taiwanese companies are returning home from China 4/30/2019
U.S.-China trade war has trigged this phenomenon. Punitive tariffs imposed on Chinese manufactured goods by the U.S. government are forcing companies with factories in China to face revenue losses.
Positive and negative, memory sales strongly impacts total IC market 4/29/2019
The total memory market heavily influenced total IC market growth for the positive during the past two years, but will likely have a very negative impact on total IC market growth in 2019.
Putin praised China's Belt and Road infrastructure initiative 4/29/2019
The Belt and Road is rapidly expanding China's economic footprint in Central Asia, Moscow's traditional sphere of influence. But in an interview published Thursday remarking on 70 years of diplomatic relations, Putin praised Russia-China ties.
U.S. economy grew at a solid 3.2 percent 4/29/2019
GDP gain surpassed the 3 percent bar set by President Donald Trump as evidence his economic program is working. Trump is counting on a strong economy as he campaigns for re-election.
Intel stock sank with delay of 10nm and termination of 5G modem development 4/29/2019
Intel said it now expects sales of approximately $69 billion for the year, down from a forecast of $71.5 billion it gave in January. Revenue of $69 billion would represent a 3% decrease from 2018.
British government has not yet decided on Huawei 5G supply deal 4/26/2019
Government officials and U.K. intelligence agencies are still carrying out a review on how best to strike the "difficult balance between security and prosperity.
Chinese debts are piling up as it builds infastructure for developing countries 4/26/2019
Debt "is going to be part of the prime minister's focus at the Belt and Road forum," said Billenne Seyoum, press secretary for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia.
TSMC to add 6nm process offering 4/26/2019
N6 will have design rules that are 100% compatible with N7, allowing customers to directly migrate from N7,. In addition, N6 will increase logic density by 18% from N7 and provide a highly competitive performance-to-cost advantage. Finally, N6 will offer shortened cycle time and reduced defect density.
Leaked roadmap suggested Intel won't have 10nm CPU until 2022 4/26/2019
Intel has since last year been giving the 2019 holiday season as the target date for 10-nm products, but the mobile roadmap calls for a 10 nm Ice Lake and Lakefield processors to be released on a limited basis beginning in the second quarter.
China denies involvement in industrial spying on GE 4/25/2019
The foreign ministry said charges against Xiaoqing Zheng, a former employee of GE's power division, and Zhaoxi Zhang, a businessman in northeastern China, appear to be a "common commercial case" that shouldn't be "over-interpreted and politicized."
Iran insist on defiant towards tighter sanctions 4/25/2019
The U.S. announced the sanctions in November but some countries got temporary waivers that allowed them to import Iranian oil. Washington now says those waivers—which primarily impact China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Turkey—will expire May 2.
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