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US, EU looking toward AI for chip chemical alternatives 4/5/2024
The US and EU are pledging to find alternatives to forever chemicals used in chipmaking and plan to use AI and digital twins to research the issue, according to a draft statement. Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances are used widely across industries and persist in food and water supplies.
SK Hynix to build $4B chip packaging fab in Indiana 4/5/2024
The facility at Purdue University will focus on advanced packaging for AI products beginning in 2028.
TSMC evaluates disruptions after earthquake in Taiwan 4/4/2024
“There is no damage to our critical tools including all of our extreme ultraviolet lithography tools,” the company said in a statement late Wednesday. A small number of tools were damaged at some facilities, but the company is deploying all available resources to ensure a full recovery.
Intel reports foundry losses; CEO predicts upturn 4/4/2024
Intel, for the first time, has isolated its foundry business in its financial results, reporting a $7 billion operating loss in 2023, up from $5.2 billion in losses the previous year. Sales were $18.9 billion last year, down from $27.5 billion in 2022, but CEO Pat Gelsinger predicted that "Intel Foundry is going to drive considerable earnings growth for Intel over time.
Micron's new facility welcomed in China, despite chips ban 4/4/2024
China's Commerce Minister Wang Wentao recently said the company remains welcome "under the premise of complying with Chinese laws and regulations
Biden administration awards $4B in clean energy manufacturing tax credits 4/4/2024
The money from the 48C credit spans 35 states and is part of a slate of tax incentives funded by the Inflation Reduction Act.
NAND flash market prices continue to rise 4/3/2024
NAND flash contract price increases are expected to continue in the second quarter, according to TrendForce projections, with client solid state drive prices rising to 15%, which is down from the price hike in Q1. Enterprise SSD prices are forecast to increase 20% to 25%,
SK Hynix attracts $2.1B in funding amid AI demand for DRAM products 4/3/2024
SK hynix (AA) successfully raised a total of 2.86 trillion won (approximately US$2.11 billion) in funds through demand forecasts for the issuance of corporate bonds totaling 380 billion won,
Machine Vision on Spotlight at Mouser’s Empowering Innovation Together Series 4/3/2024
Mouser Electronics Inc. has launched its latest installment of the Empowering Innovation Together (EIT) technology series, which explores the world of industrial machine vision technology.
Bridging the talent gap in the semiconductor industry 4/3/2024
Engaging with the broader community and offering flexible work environments could recruit more workers, writes KPMG’s Lincoln Clark.
Japan to work with EU on advanced materials to curb China dependence 4/2/2024
Under what has been tentatively called the Dialogue on Advanced Materials, the sides will launch regular discussions on proposals for collaboration, mainly between secretariats. Institutions in Japan and Europe conducting research in cutting-edge materials will also be involved.
SK Hynix reaches $100B market value amid AI demand 4/2/2024
SK Hynix is now the second largest company in South Korea after Samsung Electronics as demand for high-bandwidth memory has surged for use in AI. The chipmaker saw its market capitalization top $100 billion.
AST to Build FC-BGA Substrate Facility in Singapore 4/2/2024
Advanced Substrate Technologies Pte Ltd (AST) recently broke ground for the construction of its new factory on Pesawat Drive near Jurong Lake District. AST is the Singapore-based subsidiary of TOPPAN Holdings Inc., a Japanese pioneer in printing technologies and a leading supplier of high quality Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (FC-BGA) substrates.
Microchip has expanded its Serial SRAM product line to include larger densities 4/2/2024
Microchip Technology Inc. has expanded its Serial SRAM product line to include larger densities of up to 4Mb and increased Serial Peripheral Interface/Serial Quad I/O Interface (SPI/SQI) speed to 143MHz.
Huawei, despite US sanctions, grows revenue by 9.6% 4/1/2024
Better results from the vehicle and smartphone segments helped China-based telecom company Huawei increase its net profit 144.5% in 2023. Revenue rose 9.6% year over year to more than $99 billion, even with the inability to secure high-quality components from the US because of government sanctions.
How automakers can navigate Port of Baltimore disruptions 4/1/2024
Companies can look to other East Coast ports for alternative import options, but be prepared for slower deliveries, experts say.
Sony Begins Operations at Thailand Fab Expansion 4/1/2024
The new fab, dubbed “Building 4,” will be utilized for the assembly of image sensors for automotive applications and display devices as well as the mass production of laser diodes for data center application.
TrendForce Expects 20% NAND Flash Industry Revenue Growth in Q1 2024 4/1/2024
This surge is attributed to a stabilization in end-demand spurred by year-end promotions, along with an expansion in component market orders driven by price chasing, leading to robust bit shipments compared to the same period last year.
Treasury Secretary Yellen criticizes China for propping up manufacturers 3/29/2024
The Treasury chief was speaking from Norcross, Georgia, where she’s showcasing the reopening of a US solar-cell manufacturing facility that had shut in 2017 under the pressure of “cheap imports flooding the market.”
US wants allies to stop servicing equipment in China 3/29/2024
The US has taken another jab at China's semiconductor sector by asking allies to stop servicing that country's equipment. The White House has already stopped Allied Materials and its US peers from helping certain Chinese projects, but Japan and the Netherlands have not instituted such policies.
Silfab Solar to work with Solarcycle to reuse supply, bolster sustainability 3/29/2024
The solar industry firm will send old or underperforming parts to be recycled and then repurchase them as part of its manufacturing supply chain.
AESC plans to spend $1.5 billion to expand its lithium-ion battery manufacturing site in South Carolina 3/29/2024
The company is adding a second battery factory at the site, which will supply BMW's EV assembly facility in Mexico.
SK Hynix's HBM chips will benefit from AI boom 3/28/2024
SK Hynix CEO Kwak Noh-jung predicts high-bandwidth memory chips will represent a double-digit portion of the company's DRAM sales this year. SK Hynix, which supplies Nvidia and competes with Samsung and Micron, is the leader in producing HBM chips, a product in the fast-growing AI segment.
GlobalFoundries, StarIC join forces in photonics 3/28/2024
StarIC and GlobalFoundries have agreed to cooperate on advancing innovation in silicon photonics. The deal brings Trans Impedance Amplifiers and Micro Ring Modulator drivers to the GF Fotonix platform, which is gaining favor in the fields of data center connection, AI and quantum computing.
Global Chip Sales Up 15% in January 3/28/2024
“The global semiconductor market started the new year strong, with worldwide sales increasing year-to-year by the largest percentage since May 2022,” said John Neuffer, SIA president and CEO. “Market growth is projected to continue over the remainder of the year, with annual sales forecast to increase by double-digits in 2024 compared to 2023.”
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