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Tesla pushes suppliers to produce parts outside of China and Taiwan 5/29/2024
Tesla has told suppliers to start building components and parts outside of both China and Taiwan by as early as next year due to rising geopolitical uncertainties,
HBM Prices to Jump 5–10% in 2025 5/28/2024
HBM’s share of total DRAM bit capacity is estimated to rise from 2% in 2023 to 5% in 2024 and surpass 10% by 2025. In terms of market value, HBM is projected to account for more than 20% of the total DRAM market value starting in 2024, potentially exceeding 30% by 2025.
Toshiba Completes 300mm Wafer Fab Facility for Power Chips 5/28/2024
The completion of construction is a major milestone for Phase 1 of Toshiba’s multi-year investment program. Toshiba will now proceed with equipment installation, toward starting mass production in the second half of fiscal year 2024.
TSMC Launches Program to Enhance Green Conservation 5/28/2024
Moving forward on its commitment to protecting biodiversity, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd (TSMC) has launched the “Eco Plus! – Ecological Harmony Program”, which integrates internal and external resources to connect fragmented biological habitats, enhance species survival, and establish a reward system to support potential talents and important ecological research on biodiversity.
SiC Innovations Advance Space Power Technology 5/28/2024
Resilient power technology is critical to withstand space radiation hazards.
AMD aims to achieve 100x power efficiency boost by 2027 5/27/2024
Generative AI is driving the need for more performance using less energy, and AMD's strategy includes AI-specific architectures, tuning at the data center level and co-design efforts for hardware and software.
X-Fab offering Soitec's 150mm SmartSiC wafers at Texas foundry 5/27/2024
“The resulting substrate offers improved device performance and manufacturing yields,”
Samsung refutes report of failing Nvidia's AI memory chip test 5/27/2024
Samsung is currently testing its HBM chips with U.S. graphic chip giant Nvidia to supply the memory chips for Nvidia's AI processors, but Reuters reported that Samsung did not pass the test due to issues with heat and power consumption. Samsung Electronics refuted a Friday news report that it failed to pass a test of Nvidia's high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips.
US to Resume Trump-Era Tariffs on Graphics Cards Assembled in China 5/27/2024
The tariffs add a 25% duty on graphics cards, motherboards, and desktop PC cases.
IGZO DRAM memory tech is coming from Imec for AI 5/24/2024
Imec is experimenting with indium-gallium-zinc-oxide technology for use in AI memory using an analog in-memory computing approach. The IGZO DRAM technology offers speed and energy efficiency.
AI helps buoy semiconductor growth this year and into next 5/24/2024
Major semiconductor companies had mixed results for 1Q 2024, report’s Semiconductor Intelligence.The revenue cha nge from 4Q 2023 to 1Q 2024 ranged from a 23% increase reported by Micron Technology to a 19% decline from STMicroelectronics.
Bill to control AI model exports advances in House 5/24/2024
Lawmakers in the House Foreign Affairs Committee advanced the Enhancing National Frameworks for Overseas Restriction of Critical Exports Act, which aims to expand authority to block the export of AI models to China.
Google Is Building Massive Fiber Optic Cable Network From Africa to Australia 5/24/2024
The cable route will be set up in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, ending on Australia's west coast. Umoja means "unity" in Swahili.
LPDDR competition heats up for energy efficiency 5/23/2024
Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix and Micron Technology are working to develop low power double data rate memory DRAM technology to boost energy efficiency for AI applications. Micron's Crucial LPCAM2 builds on Samsung's low power compression attached memory module released last year.
Subaru teams up with Toyota to mitigate EV ‘risks’ 5/23/2024
Subaru CEO and President Atsushi Osaki said after exploring various options for BEV development, the company has opted to partner with its friendly rival Toyota Motor Corp. The two automakers will jointly develop four battery electric SUVs,
TSMC's Lithography Machines Have a Remote Kill Switch in Case China Invades 5/23/2024
TSMC makes the world's most advanced chips at its Taiwan facilities, so the prospect of those fabs being taken over or controlled by a hostile force is not a pleasant scenario to consider. However, now it's been revealed for the first time that the machines have remote kill switches, which would render them idle in the case of Chinese aggression.
US Accuses Russia of Launching Anti-Satellite Weapon Into Orbit 5/23/2024
The space weapon is 'capable of attacking other satellites in low Earth orbit,' the Pentagon says.
Samsung, SK Hynix cautious about ramping up production 5/22/2024
Samsung and SK Hynix are taking a cautious approach to ramping up production of standard DRAM and NAND chips, the companies communicated during their first-quarter earnings call that "there will be constraints in DRAM production bit growth this year." High inventory levels for PCs and NAND price stability is causing market uncertainty.
NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) funds 12 small semiconductor, biotech businesses 5/22/2024
The $1.2 million will be used for research and development projects in PFAS detection, cybersecurity and more.
Elon Musk Criticizes Microsoft Feature That Gives PCs 'Photographic Memory' 5/22/2024
The Neuralink and X.AI founder thinks Microsoft has gone too far with its AI-powered 'Recall' feature.
Microchip Drives Chip Innovation with TSMC, AI Advancements 5/22/2024
Microchip has announced two significant developments showcasing its commitment to innovation and supply chain resilience.
Honda earmarks $65B to accelerate EV development 5/21/2024
Despite slower EV sales in the Western Hemisphere, Honda is preparing a $65 billion infusion into development and bring out seven new models under its flagship brands by the end of the decade. Company President Toshihiro Mibe unveiled the plan, which calls for Honda to produce 2 million EVs annually and reduce battery costs in North America.
Apple exec's appearance in Taiwan fires up 2nm talk 5/21/2024
Jeff Williams, operating chief at Apple, has been spotted in Taiwan, presumably to sew up a deal to procure TSMC's first batch of 2-nanometer wafers. It has been reported that Apple will use the 2nm technology next year in its iPhone 17 lineup, although other reports cite a 2026 date and different details; whenever the deal starts, it will add billions to TSMC's coffers.
Updated AirTag Reportedly in the Works 5/21/2024
The new version of the tracker will sport an improved chip and better location tracking.
Semiconductor Manufacturers Must Adapt to Shifting Landscape 5/21/2024
Semiconductor manufacturers are facing mounting pressure as the industry evolves.
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