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Micron offers 16Gb of low-power LPDDR4X for smartphones 8/21/2019
Micron LPDDR4X is available in a UFS-based multichip package (uMCP4) to address the needs of mobile device manufacturers seeking low power for extending battery life and smaller dimensions for designing devices with thin, attractive form factors. Micron has begun volume shipments of its LPDDR4X and uMCP4, leading the industry’s transition to 1z nanometer node.
AMD's upcoming 7nm graphics card to challenge Nvidia 8/21/2019
AMD's latest graphics cards have an edge in performance enabled by the advanced manufacturing process, the sources said.
IBM proposed a new interface to pack more memory into servers 8/21/2019
Open Memory Interface (OMI) will enable packing on a server more main memory at higher bandwidth than DDR, and as a potential Jedec standard could rival GenZ and Intel’s CLX. OMI basically removes the memory controller from the host, relying instead on a controller on a relatively small DIMM card.
Moore’s Law 'Impractical' for China 8/21/2019
This is a long and bumpy road with heavy investments, long cycles, mounting technology obstacles and demanding competitiveness in product markets. Most semiconductor enterprises in China are focusing on their survival and profit. It's impractical to force them in following the Moore’s Law [in pursuit of finer geometries] or try the IDM model for memory volume production.
When Apple talks, Trump listen 8/20/2019
Trump said Cook made a “good case” about the difficulty in competing with Samsung if Apple products are subject to import tariffs. “I thought he made a very compelling argument.” Apple will be hit by tariffs because it makes the majority of its devices in China before importing them to the U.S. and other parts of the world.
DoC announced an extension of its Temporary General License to Huawei 8/20/2019
DoC announced an extension of its Temporary General License (TGL), which affords people and companies a limited time use of goods from Huawei and affiliate companies in order to essentially wean them off of Huawei networking equipment. The license, which offers “narrow exceptions” is set to expire 90 days from today.
Data center networks to start a migration to 400G Ethernet this year 8/20/2019
The world’s largest data centers are driving the demand with bandwidth requirements rising more than 50% a year, said Bechtolsheim whose company sells them switches.
Facial recognition tested out in London 8/20/2019
Facial recognition technology can help Brits order an estimated 78 million more pints of beer per year, and the scary includes train commuters and workers being tracked using facial recognition at a major London train station without them knowing it.
Applied Materials predicts a recovered memory market in 2020 8/19/2019
“We don’t expect to see a recovery in 2019, we see it as a 2020 event. We expect to see NAND (flash memory chips) first then followed by DRAM,” Chief Executive Officer Gary Dickerson said on a post-earnings call with analysts.
Global DRAM memory industry dropped 9% in Q2 8/19/2019
Falling chip prices dragged down the industry's total output value during the quarter, said DRAMeXchange. The industry posted US$14.84 billion in output value during the second quarter, down 9.1% from US$16.33 billion in the prior quarter.
CEVA invested $10 million in Immervision and software for wide-angle lens camera systems 8/19/2019
Combining Immervision’s Data-In-Picture technology with sensor fusion capabilities from Hillcrest Labs, which CEVA acquired last month, could enable creation of AI-ready wide-angle footage with contextual metadata embedded in each video frame.
Hong Kong protest affects supply chain 8/19/2019
Regarding the supply chain, a small amount of emergency materials have been affected. Hong Kong is one of the world's largest free trade port cities and an important gateway for economic and trade exchanges between the Chinese mainland and the world. As an important channel for international air logistics, Hong Kong Airport is strategically irreplaceable.
TSMC approved US$6.5 billion for the construction of new fab facilities 8/16/2019
TSMC disclosed during an investor conference in July that capex this year will exceed US$11 billion, with the actual figure to be unveiled at its next investors meeting in October.
Micron continue to staff up Singapore facility 8/16/2019
The technology firm has already added 600 jobs this year with the new expansion. It expects to add a further 1,500 jobs for its Singapore operations over the next few years.
Opening of new Nasdaq-style tech board in Shanghai lead to creation of 38 billionairs 8/16/2019
Figures summarized by “Electronics Supply and Manufacturing-China” magazine suggest that 38 out of the 124 billionaires are in the semiconductor industry. With 23 millionaires, Raytron outruns the remaining companies in terms of newly-minted millionaires.
AMS re-enter bid to buy Osram 8/16/2019
This is the second attempt by AMS to acquire Osram this year. It ended its first attempt to buy Osram in July saying it didn’t see "sufficient basis" to proceed with its offer. Over the weekend, however, AMS decided to revive its bid. If successful, the combined company would have a broad portfolio of sensor solutions and photonics with approximately €5 billion of revenue.
Globalfoundries to divest its photo mask facility in Burlington 8/15/2019
Over the next several months, Toppan and GLoFo will work to transition the acquired equipment and processes to Toppan facilities worldwide.
Qualcomm appoints Mark McLaughlin as its independent chairman 8/15/2019
McLaughlin is the former chairman and CEO of Palo Alto Networks. Henderson, the former chief financial officer of Cardinal Health, will remain on the Qualcomm board and continue to chair its audit committee.
Wafer level packaging in demand with 5G deployment 8/15/2019
5G-enabled phones will require wafer-level backend services. Suppliers capable of providing wafer-level backend services will find their role more important than that of module assemblers when making 5G devices, according to industry sources.
Cray secured contract to build exascale computer 8/15/2019
El Capitan will have a peak performance of more than 1.5 exaflops when it is commissioned in 2023. The estimated 30 MW system will use a combination of processors and accelerators to be chosen closer to its time of assembly.
CBS and Viacom finally strike merger deal 8/14/2019
The new company will be called ViacomCBS. Existing CBS shareholders will own about 61% of the combined company, with Viacom shareholders owning the remaining 39%.
Samsung to put 108-megapixel camera sensor to smartphones 8/14/2019
The Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX, which was designed in collaboration with Xiaomi, is a 108-megapixel smartphone camera sensor that Samsung says is the first to surpass the 100 million pixel milestone for phones. As well as producing high resolution photographs, the sensor can also shoot in 6K video (6016 x 3384) at 30 fps.
ASE to acquire factory building in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 8/14/2019
The new building, valued at NTY$2.326 billion (US$74.67 million) and located adjacent to its major manufacturing complex in Nanzih Export Processing Zone, will help ASE optimize its capacity allocation to strengthen the firm's overall development.
5G deployment to cause up surge of memory demand 8/14/2019
Memory industry is expected to see a brighter prospect starting 2020 when 5G services kick off commercial runs driving the popularity of 5G terminal devices that will in turn generate strong growth for memory products, according to industry sources.
GlobalWafers remains conservative about sales outlook this year 8/13/2019
Some major clients have been cautious about placing orders despite the arrival of the peak season. The silicon wafer manufacturer also disclosed revenues fell 12.6% sequentially to a 17-month low of NT$4.48 billion (US$142.8 million) in July 2019.
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