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Ez-SPD General Information

Q. What is the EZ SPD Programmer ?

A. This is an SPD programmer for programming the Eeprom found on the memory module. The programmer is used for memory module with Eeprom already mounted on board. The EEprom or SPD Chip or E2prom is the IC that is found on the right corner of a typical DIMM or SODIMM module.

Q. Can EZ SPD identify the type of Module?

A. Yes, it identify the module by reading the data off from the SPD information that is already written and stored into the Eeprom. Therefore the information displayed may be right or wrong depending on the original data that was written in.
This defer from the Eureka or SP3000 memory tester which identify the module by detecting the actual memory configuration of the module and chips used.

Q. How can I benefit from this EZ SPD Programmer ?

A. If you have a large number of memory modules to reprogram and do not want to tie-up the Eureka or SP3000 memory tester for the job, then the EZ SPD Programmer is a low-cost, fast option to program the SPD information. As a system integrator or component distributor, it comes in as a very handy equipment to tell you whether the information stored in the Memory module is correct or wrong and whether it is the cause of the RMA returns.

Q. What does the EZ SPD programmer do ?

A. It is a very fast and cost effective option to
* program SPD information
* correct the SPD content to be compatible the computer system
* captures and the SPD codes into your PC for quick easy reference
* extract the SPD codes for editing and comparison

Q. What hardware and software do I need to use the EZ Spd ?

A. A PC system with a an available parallel port (printer port) and windows program. The EZ SPD progrommer is shipped with a parallel cable and installation software. All is required is to connect the cable and EZ SPD programmer to the PC , install sofware and you are ready to start programming. Easy to use on-line help menu is available for each function.

Q. How many type of EZ programmer are there ?

A. There are 3 category of EZ SPD programmer .

* EZ DDR SPD Programmer


for programming spd chip found on PC1600 & PC2100 DDR DIMM Module . This version comes with one heavy duty 184pin socket

* EZ RIMM SPD Programmer


for programming spd chip found on RAMBUS RDRAM RIMM Module . This version comes with one heavy duty 184pin socket

EZ SPD Programmer For Standard DIMM/SODIMM Module


EZ SPD Pro comes with both heavy duty sockets for high volume use

EZ SPD Standard comes with both standard sockets for regular use

Both these versions has 2 sockets, one for 144pin SODIMM and one for 168pin DIMM


Q. What is the difference between the EZ DIMM Pro and EZ DIMM Standard Programmer ?

A. Both version of EZ DIMM SPD Programmer comes with 2 socket, 168 pin DIMM and 144 pin SODIMM. The PRO version comes with heavy duty sockets similar to those used on heavy duty testing while the standard version comes with standard motherboard type of sockets. We recommend the PRO version for all manufacturers.

Ez-SPD Technical Information

Q. How do I install the EZ programmer ?

A. The EZ programmer comes with standard parallel cable and software. Connect the cable to available printer port and install the provided software and you are all set to program.

Q. I am not able to get any response from the EZ programmer

A. The EZ programmer is powered by the Computer through the parallel port (printer card) . Please check and ensure that that part of the system is working trying out a test page. If all attempt fails, contact CSTfor support.

Q. Where can I obtain the latest software ?

A. Please log onto www.simmtester.com >products> ezspd > software support page for the latest software update. click here for EZ SPD software support

Q. I do not know what SPD information should be in my module. Where can I find a list of SPD code that works on motherboard ?

A. Please log onto www.simmtester.com >memory ? > techdata > for a list of technical data support page of existing standard modules data sheet and spd information click here Memory Module Tech Data support page

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