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Subaru teams up with Toyota to mitigate EV ‘risks’

Thursday, May 23, 2024

As it begins its transition to battery electric vehicles, Subaru won’t have to go it alone.

Subaru CEO and President Atsushi Osaki said after exploring various options for BEV development, the company has opted to partner with its friendly rival Toyota Motor Corp. The two automakers will jointly develop four battery electric SUVs, according to a May 13 update on Subaru’s new management policy.

“Through this approach of joint development, joint production and joint supply, we will ensure flexibility in the areas of development and production while mitigating risks with TMC at a time when it is difficult to clearly predict future trends,” Osaki said.

One of the four SUVs will be manufactured at Subaru’s Yajima Plant, and another will be manufactured at one of Toyota’s U.S. plants, according to the update. Only one SUV, the Solterra, has been unveiled thus far.

Subaru expects its initial BEV lineup to be complete by the end of 2026. Meanwhile, like many other automakers, Subaru will focus on hybrid production, which Osaki said will play a “critical role” in the early phase of the BEV transition.

The company previously announced a next-generation, hybrid version of its Forester model based on Toyota’s hybrid system. It also expects to launch a next-generation, hybrid version of the Crosstrek. Both hybrids will be manufactured in Japan, one at Subaru’s Main Plant and the other at its Yajima Plant.

“By strengthening our hybrid lineup, we will ensure flexibility in our product offerings and provide more choices for our customers,” Osaki said.

Subaru and Toyota have a long history of working together, first agreeing to collaborate in 2005 and later expanding that cooperation to development and production in 2008. Subaru announced the Crosstrek Hybrid in 2018, its first plug-in hybrid vehicle, built through the integration of Toyota’s hybrid system and Subaru’s horizontally-opposed boxer engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive.

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