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Nvidia announced its developer toolbox for supporting AI-powered robotics

Monday, October 25, 2021

Nvidia announced today that Isaac, its developer toolbox for supporting AI-powered robotics, will deepen support of the Robot Operating System (ROS). T

he announcement is being made this morning at ROS World 2021, a conference for developers, engineers, and hobbyists who work on ROS, a popular open-source framework that helps developers build and reuse code used for robotics applications.

Nvidia, which is trying to assert its lead as a supplier of processors for AI applications, announced a host of “performance perception” technologies that would be part of what it will now call Isaac ROS. This includes computer vision and AI/ML functionality in ROS-based applications to support things like autonomous robots.

The move comes as Amazon’s robotic platform, RoboMaker, has also moved quickly to support ROS.

The ROS World 2021 is the ninth annual developers’ conference — modeled after PyCon and BoostCon — for developers of all levels to learn from and network with the ROS community.

Nvidia said its offerings are intended to accelerate and improve the standards of product development and product performance.

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