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Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Recognizing DDR Memory Modules Part-4

Wednesday, May 23, 2001


Identifying DDR Module by Chip Labeling

One of the more definite methods of recognizing the configuration of the DDR DIMM module is by identifying the type of chips and their organizations. If the SDRAM chip is made on a major brand name, you should be able to match the unique part number with the manufacturer’s bank of data sheets.See picture below of a typcial chip part number system.

The following table is a summary of all the major DDR SDRAM manufacturers and links to their DDR data sheets. You must note that most of the DDR SDRAM on the market now-a-days are either in the X4 or X8 data bit configurations.

IBMN612xxxGT3B (128MB) , IBMN325xxxGT3B (256Mb)
Click here to view IBM DDR

M2S28DxxATP (128mb),M2S56DxxTP (256mb)
Click here to view Mitsubishi DDR

HYB25D256xxxAT (256mb)
Click here to view Infineon DDR

HM5425xx1BTT (256mb)
Click here to view Elpida DDR

TC59WM8xxBFT (256mb)
Click here to view Toshiba DDR

Click here to view Hynix DDR

MT46VxxMxx (64mb) (128mb) (256mb) (512mb)
Click here to view Micron DDR

Click here to view Samsung DDR

NT5DsxxMxAT (128mb) (256mb)
Click here to view Nanya DDR

Click here to view Mosel/Vitelic DDR

Click here to find out more about Part-5

By: DocMemory
Copyright © 2001 CST, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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