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Thursday, September 20, 2018
Memory Articles and Publications
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IT Industry Leaders Converge on Taipei for DDR Summit and Roll-out Party

Monday, February 26, 2001

IT Industry Leaders Converge on Taipei for DDR Summit hosted by VIA Technologies on Feb. 6. On Feb. 7, they were also invited by ALi for the DDR Roll-out party at the Taipei Hyatt Hotel.

“The Feb 06, DDR Summit gathering of industry leaders along with the display of over 40 DDR product demonstrations sends a clear message that DDR technology is here now and is an integral part of all leading IT companies product strategies for 2001 and beyond"... DDR Summit Presentations, Feb 6, 2001

On February 7, 2001, with greatest honor and most delight, ALi hosted a Chinese New Year celebration party in Taipei and invited the DDR infrastructure partners and customers as well as friends from the media to share the joy of the DDR success. The DDR era happens because of the complete cooperation among the infrastructure partners from all over the world. VIPs from the CPU and memory communities, AMD, AMII, Apacer, CST, Elpida, Hyundai, Infineon, Kingston, Melco, Micron, Mosel, Nanya, Samsung, and TwinMos, helped conduct the DDR Readiness panel discussion.

.See More Pictures on the ALi Party

ALi sends special thanks to Mr. Desi Rhoden, president of AMII (Advanced Memory International Inc.), for his remark at the party. “In addition to the role of enabling smooth transition from SDR to DDR memory technology, ALi, through industry-wide collaboration, contributes to reposition Taiwan from manufacturing spectrum up to the world-class innovation scale in the global IT industry.”

At the party show floor, along with over 30 DDR static boards and live systems from customers, ALi also demonstrated the world’s first DDR graphics integration chipset for mobile applications. Deep appreciation to all honorable customers, Abit; Acer, AOpen, ASUS, Chaintech, EPOX, GIGABYTE, Iwill, Jetway, Luckystar, Maxtium, MSI, Mitac, Procomp, SOYO, and Transcend, for making DDR era a reality on the market!

The best is yet to come, DDR success is just the beginning. With full commitment, all DDR industry partners are serving as the drivers to make the next wave technologies happen. New DDR technology development will continue to bring more and more new products and benefits for the market to enjoy.

"It is ALi’s company mission to keep cooperating with industry upstream and downstream partners closely, and make concrete contribution to the global IT industry." said Dr. Wu, CEO of Acer Laboratories

By: DocMemory
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