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Friday, July 20, 2018
Memory Industry News
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Snapdragon 670 chip to have 6 cores

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 670 chip will sport six cores, two of which will be of the energy-efficient variety, Chinese outlet ITHome reported yesterday, thus reiterating previous rumors about the upcoming silicon. The chip will also support gigabit download speeds and boast the Adreno 650 GPU, as per the same source. While 2017 rumors suggested the Snapdragon 670 will be a more traditional mobile silicon solely utilizing ARM’s bit.LITTLE architecture, more recent information points to a module equipped with a separate dual-core cluster dedicated to maximizing performance and another four-core configuration designed for energy efficiency. The two high-performance cores use a customized version of the ARM Cortex-A75 architecture known as Kryo 300 Gold, whereas the energy-conscious solution entails Qualcomm’s own implementation of the ARM Cortex-A55 architecture which the manufacturer refers to as the Kryo 300 Silver.

According to previous reports, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 670 will be a 10nm chip running at a maximum operating frequency of 2.6GHz (2,611MHzz). Its low-powered cluster won’t have the same clock speed as its more powerful counterpart and should instead run at up to 1.7GHz (1,708Mhz), industry insiders said earlier this year. The hexa-core module is also said to be equipped with 32KB of L1 cache, 128KB of L2 cache, and 1MB of L3 cache. Qualcomm‘s Adreno 615 is understood to be part of the package as well, running at up to 700MHz, with its standard operating frequency being in the range between 430MHz and 650MHz unless higher speeds are needed, sources claimed in February, with the new report reiterating those speeds but claiming the new chip will use the Adreno 650.

It’s presently unclear how long will the Snapdragon 670 be able to maintain those enhanced speeds before automatically throttling itself due to heat. The chip will supposedly be equipped with a Snapdragon X2x-series modem which should allow for at least 1Gbps download speeds and support one of the newer UFS memory standards, as well as dual-camera setups and WQHD (2,560 x 1,440) displays. Qualcomm’s mid-range silicon is likely to be commercialized in the coming months, possibly as part of one of the upcoming Android smartphones from China.

By: DocMemory
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