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Friday, June 22, 2018
CST News Release
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RoboFlex3 Automatic Pick & Place Handler to Debut at Computex Show

Thursday, May 07, 2009

CST Inc., a 25 years privately owned Memory Tester Company has announced it will demonstrate its New RoboFlex3 "Pick & Place" AutoMatic Handler Systemat the Taipei Computex Show schedule from June 2 - 6, 2009.

The RoboFlex-3 Handler is the latest innovative 1st generation Automatic Memory DIMM / SODIMM Module "Pick and Place" Handler System built for the high volume OEM memory manufacturers and 3rd party Memory manufacturers.

Designed to speed up memory testing and sorting with limited minimum human-error, the RoboFlex-3 is highly recommended for high volume DIMM manufacturers, memory distributors and computer assemblers.
Operating the Light-Weight and Compact RoboFlex3 Automatic Handler is an experience in simplicity, enabling memory module manufacturers to quickly and cost effectively achieve world-class memory module testing quality with very minimum investment.
Its innovative design concept and performance sets the RoboFlex3 Handler apart from other competitions and position itself into a class of its own.

The RoboFlex3 Handler is designed to eliminate the complexities and high costs associated with expensive Pick and Place automatic handling machines. No other automated Pick & Place solution offers that much flexibility and simplicity.
The RoboFlex3  supports "Scratched -Free" , dual pick and place grippers to delivers superior pick and place accuracy using a precision servo motor system.
When combined with CST’s line of memory testers, the handler provides a cost-effective method of automatically testing DIMM / SODIMM and other memories in a fast, reliable and safe manner.
Key Features
* Compact and light-weight ( less than 60 pound)
* Stand-alone and no PC control neccessary
* Dual Head Gripper System 
* No Adjustment needed
* Stackerable Tray System
* Very easy to use - Two button system to "Start Test" and to "Stop Test"
Currently two version of RoboFlex3 Handler are being offered to support two type of memory module configurations for DIMM or SODIMM Memory testing.The RoboFlex3 handler is  the world’s most advanced automated Pick and Place Handler Solution.
Pricing and Delivery will be announce at the Taiwan Show.
Download the Brochure from this link:
View the RoboFlex3 Handler at this link: