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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Industry News
Analyst said that iPhoneX sales are running below expectations 12/18/2017
Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are selling at a decent clip, but sales are not strong enough to say that Apple is in the midst of a supercycle.
Google to build TPU2 supercomputer for AI applications 12/18/2017
TPU2 is intended to both train and run machine-learning models and cut out GPU/CPU bottleneck.
South Korea becomes top semi equipment spender over Taiwan 12/18/2017
South Korea is expected to budget US$12.62 billion in outlays for new semiconductor manufacturing equipment, up 3.19 percent from US$12.23 billion last year, SEMI data showed.
Leti reduces the area required for embedded SRAM by 30 percent 12/18/2017
The research reconfiguring SRAM into content-addressable memory (CAM), improving non-volatile crossbar memories and using advanced tunnel field-effect transistors (TFET).
China regulators to probe Toshiba's chip unit sales on antitrust 12/15/2017
The deal has already secured regulatory approval in the United States and Japan but still needs approval in China, Taiwan and South Korea.
Applications to drive data center server requirements in 2018 12/15/2017
The market shows growing demand for servers to integrate services, especially services requiring large sum of data for computing and training, as well as those on virtual platforms and in cloud storage.
Big Data intellegence to help IC design 12/15/2017
IC Manage CEO, described Big Data Labs as a “platform” on which his company hopes to “develop and customize new big-data-based design analytic tools” for customers.
Nvidia AI chip goes into Komatsu construction automation machine 12/15/2017
Komatsu will use image data processed by Nvidia's AI chips to monitor work sites in real time and quickly update construction plans according to the progress made. Drones will fly over large projects to capture the images via cameras equipped with the chips. Komatsu also seeks to develop autonomous construction machinery and other labor-saving services.
China's Tsinghua Unigroup to get help from Lite-on to produce SSD 12/14/2017
Tsinghua Unigroup will handle marketing and customer relations by utilizing its connections in China, while Lie-On is to take charge of supply chains and contract manufacturing.
Apple invested in Finisar, an image recognition chip provider 12/14/2017
Finisar Corp clarified that Apple’s funding was not a debt or equity investment in the company. "The amount referred to by Apple represents anticipated future business between the companies over a period of time," Finisar said in a filing.
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