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Saturday, November 18, 2017
Industry News
GlobalFoundries invvesting into silicon startups 10/25/2017
The model is common in the global semiconductor industry, where research and development costs are high and the number of full-scale manufacturers is small.
Intel helped on Google Pixel chip development 10/25/2017
Last week, device repair website iFixit published a teardown of the Pixel 2 XL that showed what the Pixel Visual Core chip actually looks like. The serial number on the chip in a photograph begins with "SR3," like some Intel chips.
Delay of sales put $1 billion financial set back on Toshiba 10/24/2017
A highly contentious auction meant that a decision on the buyer took much longer than expected, and Toshiba has run the risk of not getting anti-trust clearance before the end of the financial year in March.
Apple to have difficult time to meet initial iPhone X quantity 10/24/2017
Some of the data gathered by Taipei-based KGI Securities research company forecasts that Foxconn will only ship around 25-30 million iPhone X units in Q4 2017. Previously, the company's analyst Ming-chi Kuo said around 30-35 million handsets will be shipped by the end of 2017.
Intel heavily invested in AI tech 10/24/2017
The acquired companies seemingly useful to Intel’s AI ambitions thus far include Altera (2015), Saffron (2015), Nervana (2016), Movidius (2016) and Mobileye (2017). Intel Capital has also fattened its AI portfolio with startups Mighty AI, Data Robot, Lumiata, CognitiveScale, Aeye Inc., Element AI and others.
New iMac reported to have AMD GPU 10/24/2017
The new iMac series adopt GPUs supplied by AMD, with the super workstation-class 27-inch iMac Pro equipped with Radeon Pro Vega 56 GPU and 8GB HBM2 memory or Radeon Pro Vega 64 and 16GB HBM2 memory.
Intel believes in future of Big Data 10/23/2017
“The world is undergoing a data explosion. By 2020, every autonomous vehicle on the road will create 4TB of data per day. A million self-driving cars will create the same amount of data every day as 3 billion people.”
10nm process expected to soar 10/23/2017
Based on the latest forecast, TSMC would log $3.2 billion from sales of 10nm chips in 2017. The company started 10nm production in the second quarter of this year.
China set out to improve quality 10/23/2017
"Three years ago, we relied chiefly on a price war to crack the market. But as more resources were poured into research and development, we saw a fundamental change."
Blooming business at foundries 10/23/2017
With Taiwan-based IC design houses ramping up wafer starts at their local foundry partners, the foundries will see their fab utilization rates remain high in the fourth quarter.
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