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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Industry News
Toshiba escaped penalty from accounting fault investigations 6/26/2018
Toshiba’s 2015 accounting scandal uncovered widespread accounting errors at the laptops-to-nuclear conglomerate going back to around 2008.
Nvidia shows 32GB TitanV GPU CEO Edition 6/26/2018
Huang unveiled the 'Titan V CEO Edition' at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he gave away 20 of the cards to AI researchers working on robotics and autonomous driving projects.
ZTE to be revived again 6/26/2018
ZTE, China’s second-largest telecommunications equipment maker, ceased major operations after the United States imposed the ban in April.
Startup to develope low visibility sensors for autonomus cars 6/25/2018
TriEye has developed a revolutionary visual sensory solution based on short-wave infra-red (SWIR) that has far-reaching implications for several industries including self-driving cars. The system provides an efficient sensory solution for difficult driving conditions including darkness, rain, mist and dust.
TSMC ramps up 7nm under new leadership 6/25/2018
The ramp-up of 7nm chip output will boost TSMC's overall production capacity to 12 million 12-inch equivalent wafers in 2018, up 9% from 10.5 million units in 2017.
ASE to focus on communication chips and expanding its system-in-package business 6/25/2018
ASE/SPIL will be diversifying its offerings to satisfy growing needs for customized products and diversity, according to company COO Tien Wu.
Why did Krzanich resigned from Intel? 6/25/2018
Krzanich resigned because of a violation of Intel’s non-fraternization policy, which forbids managers from dating employees. In Krzanich’s case, the board said it was a “consensual relationship,” but a violation nevertheless.
China's Baidu goes with Apollo System for self-driving cars 6/22/2018
The Apollo platform consists of three parts: localization, open-software platform, and cloud-service platform. Baidu explains on its Apollo website that the Apollo platform provides partners with high-precision map services with advanced technology, extensive coverage, and high automation.
Intel CEO resigned 6/22/2018
On Thursday, the semiconductor maker blindsided Silicon Valley with the abrupt resignation of its chief executive over a relationship with a subordinate.
Foxconn to outfit Wisconcin plant with water recovery system 6/21/2018
Foxconn Technology Group says it's investing in a $30 million recycling system that will significantly reduce the amount of water drawn from Lake Michigan for its planned manufacturing complex in southeast Wisconsin.
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