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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Industry News
Intel to collaborate with Chinese mobile chip maker 2/23/2018
Intel Corporation officially announced a long-term strategic collaboration on 5G. The companies plan to develop a 5G smartphone platform for the China market that will feature an Intel 5G modem and will be targeted to coincide with 5G network deployments in 2019.
Qualcomm adopts 7nm Samsung process on Snapdragon 5G chipsets 2/23/2018
The two have consistently patched things up and cooperate on a win-win arrangement, despite some disputes over licensing agreements.
Irish chipmaker received funding to expand ultra-wideband wireless technology 2/23/2018
The company offers ultra-wideband wireless technology via a low-power chip that can identify the specific location of any object indoors to within a few centimetres. the data communication capability of the chip makes it a good fit for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
Broadcom lower bid to offset Qualcomm's increased NXP offer 2/23/2018
Qualcomm issued a statement Wednesday that criticized the reduced offer, saying that Broadcom does not understand the value that the NXP acquisition would bring to Qualcomm.
Micron announce plans for quadruple-level cell (QLC) flash memory 2/22/2018
SLC drives have the greatest endurance and best voltage tolerance, but they have much lower capacity. Given the increasing use of flash, users want capacity first and foremost.
Intel plans to invest $5 billion in expanding production in Israel 2/22/2018
Intel Technology and Manufacturing Group Plant Manager, Daniel Benatar presented a plan to start expanding the Kiryat Gat fab this year. The $5 billion investment would be completed in 2020.
Apple moves to deal direct with colbalt miners 2/22/2018
The move means Apple will find itself in competition with carmakers and battery producers to lock up cobalt supplies. Companies from BMW AG and Volkswagen AG to Samsung SDI Co. are racing to sign multiyear cobalt contracts to ensure they have sufficient supplies of the metal.
Apple regains lead on both smartphone revenue and units sold 2/22/2018
With an average selling price of nearly $800 per phone, Apple is head and shoulders ahead of Samsung ($254), Huawei ($205) and everyone else ($152).
Samsung offers 30TB SSD 2/21/2018
It is the largest memory capacity ever for a single form factor storage device and enough to store 5,700 Full HD (1920x1080, or around 5GB) movies.
NXP to launch GreenBox development platform. for EV and plugged in cars 2/21/2018
With the Greenbox launch, NXP is officially shifting its EV and hybrid EV development platform from Power architecture to Arm Cortex technology.
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