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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Industry News
Apple iPhone market drops to second place 9/3/2018
Chinese electronics giant Huawei Technologies sold more handsets worldwide than Apple in the second quarter, marking the first quarter since the early days of the original iPhone that Apple hasn't been among the No. 2 suppliers.
India plays major role in AMD's turnaround 8/31/2018
“India has become the number one market for AMD in the commercial PC segment. This is because of a combination of two things: winning government tenders and working with large corporations in India.”
TV-related chips gains momentum 8/31/2018
MediaTek, Novatek Microelectronics, Himax Technologies, ALi, Rafael Microelectronics and Weltrend Semiconductor all see sales generated from the TV and SoC sectors drive their overall revenue growth in the third quarter.
Movie theaters regain market control from Netflex 8/31/2018
"The notion that streaming has led to a decline in cinema attendance is really over-exaggerated," said Phil Contrino, a spokesman for the National Association of Theatre Owners.
Data center giant CyrusOne to move headquarters to Dallas 8/31/2018
Developer Harwood International has inked a lease with CyrusOne (Nasdaq: CONE) for 49,809 square feet inside Harwood No. 10. More than 200 CyrusOne employees will work on levels 20 through 22 in the building, located in the Harwood District.
Foxconn to invest US$100 million in research with University of Wisconsin 8/30/2018
The Foxconn investment will include funding to help establish a new interdisciplinary research facility for the College of Engineering on the UW-Madison campus.
New Mexico trade pack does away with "NAFTA" 8/30/2018
No full text has yet been provided. On Friday, the Trump administration plans to send Congress a formal notice of the trade agreement. Not until 30 days after that would lawmakers likely receive a text of the deal.
GDP grew at 4.2% on Q2 8/30/2018
The Commerce Department on Wednesday revised up its estimate of growth for last quarter from an initial estimate of a 4.1 percent annual rate. The second quarter marked a sharp improvement from a 2.2 percent gain in the January-March period.
Micron to invest in domestic plant expansion 8/30/2018
Micron said it would create 1,100 new jobs by 2030. The company said the investment is part of its long-term strategy to invest about 30% of its revenue in capital expenditures.
UMC expands 80nm facility to fill touch sensor volume needs 8/29/2018
UMC's 80nm process technology adopted by many Taiwan-based TDDI chip providers had monthly production capacity maintained at about 20,000 wafers in the first half of 2018, and the planned process expansion is set to help these TDDI chip suppliers ramp up their shipments starting the fourth quarter.
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