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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Industry News
Globalfoundries offers automobile chip platform at Dresden 12/29/2017
Meanwhile, Globalfoundries's 12-inch Fab 1 in Dresden enjoy a geographic advantage in supplying automotive semiconductor to leading automakers in Germany, including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, as well as major auto parts and components suppliers including Continental and Bosch.
Yageo caps on supplying chip resistors 12/29/2017
MLCCs and chip resistors, currently account for 70% of Yageo's total production capacity. Yageo is utilizing the remaining 30% capacity for the manufacture of niche-type components for automotive, IoT, 5G and other industry uses, which yield higher gross margins.
Thanks to memory, Micron has a great quarter 12/28/2017
Micron beat consensus estimates on revenue and on Earnings Per Share. Its forecast is even more impressive. Micron expects revenue of up to $7.2 billion, well-above the $6.21 billion consensus.
German ambassador criticized China on internet controls 12/28/2017
Ambassador Michael Clauss told press that the two governments agreed in 2016 to set up a group to discuss cyber issues but it "has yet to see the light of day." He said requests for a "meaningful dialogue" about Chinese curbs on virtual private networks.
Elon Musk promise to offer a Tesla pickup truck 12/28/2017
Musk said: "I promise that we will make a pickup truck right after Model Y." The Model Y is an electric SUV that's due for release in about two years.
Prosecutors appealed and demand 12-year prison term for Samsung heir 12/28/2017
In August, a lower court sentenced Lee to five years in prison for offering bribes to former South Korean President Park Geun-hye and her confidante while Park was in office. Both Lee and prosecutors, who earlier had requested a 12-year prison term, appealed that ruling.
Court fine Apple for late to produce suit evidence 12/27/2017
Apple is being fined $25,000 a day for missing a court-imposed deadline to produce evidence in a government lawsuit that alleges mobile chip supplier Qualcomm has been imposing unfair licensing terms on the makers of smartphones.
Qualcomm gets approval to test self-drive cars in California 12/27/2017
The chipmaker has received permission to test one vehicle and three drivers on December 12th, joining rival Nvidia and other companies that can test their technologies in the state.
Molecular memory advanced with 2D material 12/27/2017
The technology uses electron injection not to encode the memory as charge, spin, or any ephemeral quantity, but rather to change the crystalline lattice structure of MoTe2 in a reversible process.
Famous Apple chip designer migrates to Google 12/27/2017
Bruno served at Apple for five years before joining Google this month. Bruno has run the silicon competitive analysis group at the Cupertino-based iPhone maker. The group was responsible for making sure Apple stayed ahead of its rivals, 9to5Google reports. He has worked on a series of iPhone chips since 2012.
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