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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Industry News
Automotive electronic drives need for NOR memory 7/3/2018
NOR flash is finding new opportunities in application areas that need fast, non-volatile memory, including communications, industrial and automotive. The latter, of course, is getting a lot of attention thanks to autonomous vehicle development.
NASA tests quiet supersonic technology 7/3/2018
After the flight, "at least" 500 local volunteers will provide feedback on what they heard, while audio sensors will provide more definitive noise readings.
Comcast suffered a nationwide outage 7/3/2018
“We identified 2 unrelated fiber cuts to our network backbone providers. Our engineers are restoring services to business & residential internet, tv & voice customers. Apologies to those affected,”
Southwest Airlines partners with Lyft 7/3/2018
Information for requesting a ride with Lyft should appear in the airline’s mobile app within four hours of a flight that a customer may have booked on Southwest. The messaging on the app will encourage Southwest passengers to consider Lyft rideshare service to or from the airport.
Chinese semiconductor Capex to exceed $11 billon or 10.6% globally 7/2/2018
China-based firms are forecast to account for 10.6% of the global total of semiconductor capex this year, which is expected to be about $103.5 billion, IC Insights said.
UMC to acquire total ownership of Mie Fujitsu joint venture 7/2/2018
In addition to the 15.9% of MIFS shares currently owned by UMC, Fujitsu Semiconductor will transfer the remaining 84.1% of its shares in MIFS to UMC, making MIFS a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Taiwan-based foundry.
IoT chipsets to latch with 5G 7/2/2018
Since 5G communication technologies can integrate all communication products, applications and services, chipmakers must build reciprocal cooperation ties with all the ecosystem partners including telecom operators, infrastructure equipment suppliers, terminal brand vendors, ODMs, software and services providers if they want to better tap the market for 5G chipset solutions.
Global semiconductor equipment sales up 19% 6/29/2018
Global billings among North American semiconductor equipment vendors increased by 19 percent in May, continuing an impressive run that has seen them increase on a year-over-year basis for 20 consecutive months.
Toshiba looks for radical changes to gain profit 6/29/2018
The company aims to generate a continual stream of profit from information analysis services, as well as sales of devices and parts, on a medium- to long-term basis.
Wafer demand for ‘More than Moore’ (MtM) devices to grpw 10% 6/29/2018
Yole claims that device scaling and cost reduction will no longer continue on the path followed for the past few decades. Instead, semiconductor companies are seeking solutions that bridge the gap between cost and performance, whilst adding increased functionality through integration.
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