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Monday, October 22, 2018
Industry News
3.3-inch Palm aims to be "phone" for your phone 10/15/2018
Palm is the latest retro brand, alongside BlackBerry and Nokia, to hitch a ride with Android in the hopes of making a comeback. It's most associated with the Palm Pilot, Palm Treo and Palm Pre. It resurrects that venerable gadget brand that popularized the concept of personal digital assistants in the days before the iPhone.
Google aims at total carbon-free energy 10/15/2018
They're now measuring how the hourly power use for each data center lines up with the hourly carbon-free supply in a given region (which bounces around due to the variability of renewables).
TSMC has contract with Apple into A13 processor through 2019 10/15/2018
TSMC is set to remain Apple's exclusive contract chipmaker fulfilling all orders for the next-generation A13 chip in 2019. TSMC has been the exclusive supplier of Apple's A-series chips since 2016.
Toshiba Memory engaged former Intel CFO as executive chairman 10/15/2018
The former Toshiba chipmaking subsidiary, is looking to strengthen overseas marketing while it prepares to go public in three years.
Microchip joins with Google to generate IoT development board 10/12/2018
Once connected, Google Cloud loT Core makes it easy to collect, process and analyse data to inform decisions at scale.
The federal government to tighten investment rules 10/12/2018
The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) reviews mergers and stock purchases to ensure they do not harm national security.
Micron to invest $100 million in AI startup 10/12/2018
Company believes it can ultimately sell more memory chips by expanding its involvement in artificial intelligence because the field deals with huge amounts of data that need to be stored on its products.
23 foreign Tech companies signed up to invest in Taiwan 10/11/2018
Taiwan has been running an industrial innovation program focusing on its Asia Silicon Valley Development plan, smart machinery, green energy, biotechnology, medical care, national defense, agriculture and circular economy since 2016.
DRAMeXchange see memory price decline in 4th quarter 10/11/2018
DRAMeXchange expects NAND ASPs to decline by 10% to 15% in the fourth quarter. DRAM rose only 1% to 2% in the third quarter and are forecast to decline by 5% or more in the fourth quarter.
U.S. wholesale prices rose a mild 0.2 percent last month 10/11/2018
Held down by lower food and energy costs, suggesting that inflation remains in check despite the economy's robust growth.
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