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Saturday, November 18, 2017
Industry News
Qualcomm rejected Broadcom bid citing under value 11/15/2017
Qualcomm said the offer, which is potentially the largest tech sector takeover to date, "dramatically undervalued" the company.
Micron announced DDR4 NVDIMM-N modules 11/14/2017
Micron's NVDIMMs are type N, meaning they function as ordinary ECC DRAM DIMMs but have NAND flash to backup data to in the event of a power loss. This is in contrast to the NVDIMM-F type that offers pure flash storage.
Gemalto offers IoT module with LTE connections 11/14/2017
The  Cinterion PLS62-W IoT Module delivers  LTE Cat. 1 connectivity on all 12 LTE bands while providing seamless fallback to multi band 3G and 2G networks.
Asian CEO start to pay attention to environment impacts 11/14/2017
Best practices are often shared across boundaries, with the overlap of multinational companies operating with indigenous Asian firms. Global operating standards — such as ISO and ASTM — are picking up in the region quicker than ever before.
IBM offers quantum computing for cloud service 11/14/2017
Quantum computing is a difficult area of technology to understand. Instead of being built on machines interpreting zeroes and ones in on/off states, quantum computers can live in multiple states. This creates all kinds of new programming possibilities.
Toshiba considers fallback plan 11/13/2017
Toshiba appears to be examining the possibility of selling new shares to foreign investors through a private placement or issuing preferred shares without voting rights. A public offering does not seem to be on the table at the moment.
UMC hit record revenues 11/13/2017
UMC's cumulative 2017 revenues through October totaled NT$126.46 billion, rising 3.3% from a year earlier.
Automotive is the fastest growing sector 11/13/2017
For semiconductor suppliers, this is good news as analog ICs, MCUs, and a great number of sensors are required for many of these automotive systems.
ON Semi incubates startups 11/13/2017
The incubator screens hundreds of startups every year to select a handful that become portfolio companies, getting access to EDA and test tools and services from partners, including a shuttle run at TSMC.
Q4 smartphone production to increase 6.3% 11/10/2017
For this fourth quarter, TrendForce estimates that the global smartphone production volume will reach its peak for 2017 with a total of 425 million, up 6.3% year on year. Additionally, the global total for the entire 2017 is currently estimated at 1.46 billion units.
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