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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Industry News
TSMC reports higher than expected revenue 1/12/2018
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co yesterday posted a 10.1 percent growth in revenue for last quarter to NT$277.57 billion (US$9.38 billion), surpassing its projection.
Samsung to open off-air FM radio free to its smartphone users 1/12/2018
Unlocked FM radio chip in a smartphone not only provides free access to local radio stations, but also, in emergency situations, access to important information.
Intel/Micron announced folding of IM Flash JV 1/11/2018
In a joint statement issued Monday (Jan. 8), Intel and Micron said they would "work independently" on future 3D NAND after completing development of their third generation of 3D NAND late this year and into 2019.
AT&T dropped plans to sell Huawei smartphones 1/11/2018
>Huawei suffered a setback in the U.S. market when a congressional report in October 2013 said it was a security risk and warned telecom carriers not to use its equipment.
Regulators investigate Intel for possible insider trading 1/11/2018
There were a series of stock sales that Intel CEO Brian Krzanich completed Nov. 29. The trades were made at time that Intel knew about security bugs that weren't disclosed until last week.
Microsoft "Spectre" security fix rander some AMD systems inoperable 1/11/2018
Microsoft has temporarily stopped fixing a serious security flaw on personal computers powered by certain chips from Advanced Micro Devices because the repair is crippling the affected machines.
MIcron CFO optimistic about memory market in 2018 1/10/2018
Maddock says that the expected amount of increase in “bit supply,” the basic measure of how much is produced by the industry in total, is 40% to 50% this year, and that such a level of production can easily be absorbed by rising demand.
NVM Express takes hold in 2018 1/10/2018
In June, the NVMe specification got its first major update in nearly three years, putting it on the cusp of becoming the defacto standard for SSD interfaces.
Compettion and legal challenges makes it difficult for smartphone chip vendors 1/10/2018
The top-three third-party AP suppliers have been forced to compete laboriously in the entry-level and mid-tier AP segments as Apple, Samsung and Huawei are developing APs for their flagship models.
Is the memory boom ending? 1/10/2018
Samsung guidance fell short of consensus estimate, spooking investors already worried that a memory chip boom could be ending sooner rather than later.
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