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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Industry News
TI offers MCU with embedded FRAM memory 6/11/2018
Developers can use MCUs for applications that require operation at temperatures as high as 105°C while also benefiting from FRAM data-logging capabilities.
Broadcom advancing on Data Center chips 6/11/2018
Broadcom expects demand to remain healthy from cloud data centers and enterprise IT, Chief Executive Officer Hock Tan said on a call with analyst.
U.S. lifted ban on ZTE 6/11/2018
The deal will involve ZTE paying a $1bn penalty and hiring a compliance team chosen by the US. ZTE will also be required to replace its management board within 30 days.
ARM spins off China JV under pressure from EU 6/8/2018
EU Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström, launching legal proceedings last week in the World Trade Organization (WTO) against Chinese legislation that undermines the intellectual property rights of European companies.
Samsung Electronics Co. vowed new leadership on all fronts 6/8/2018
Samsung Electronics Co. vowed new leadership in foundry, automotive organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display and large-storage memory to power datacenters on top of its dominance in computing memory and smartphones.
It is a tech war rather than a trade war 6/8/2018
"This is not a trade conflict but rather a competition and comparison of technology," said Foxconn's Gou in a video shown in an event.
Latest forecast: Chip sales to increase 6/8/2018
The latest forecast is more bullish than the original WSTS forecast for 2018, issued last November. That forecast called for chip sales to increase by 7 percent. Sales are expected to increase across all product categories and in all regions of the world.
Senate Republicans to challenge Trump tariff 6/7/2018
Many Republicans are hesitant to confront Trump in a legislative showdown that could end badly for them. Doing so could court a veto and bruise their standing with Trump voters they need in midterm elections.
Economic activity is strong but under the shadow of tariffs 6/7/2018
Backlog of Orders Index continued expanding, with its highest reading since April 2004, when it registered 66.5 percent. Consumption, described as production and employment, continues to expand in spite of labor and skill shortages.
AMD unveiled a new generation of CPU/GPU 6/7/2018
AMD is readying its next generation of CPUs and graphics processing units (GPUs). It will build those chips in a new 7-nanometer manufacturing process (which delivers smaller, faster, and more power-efficient chips) for sampling later this year and full launch in 2019.
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