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Saturday, November 18, 2017
Industry News
Semiconductor boom mostly benetit U.S. equipment manufacturers 10/13/2017
Koreaís imports of US semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the largest one among import items from the US, ballooned a whopping 199.0% to US$ 3.558 billion from the previous year.
Irish court approved Apple to build $1 billion data center 10/13/2017
Apple in February 2015 announced plans to build the data center in a rural location in the west of Ireland to take advantage of rich green energy sources nearby.
Western Digital to tap on microwave-assisted magnetic recording 10/13/2017
Western Digital demonstrated what it called the world's first MAMR, or microwave-assisted magnetic recording, hard drives, and discussed plans for bringing those drives to market.
ADI to work with imec on IoT devices 10/13/2017
The move, building on two existing initiatives, is intended to produce devices that are not only low-power, but which also feature largely improved or completely new sensing capabilities.
Qualcomm found breach of antitrust regulations in Taiwan court 10/12/2017
Apple seen as winner as Taiwan slaps Qualcomm with $773m antitrust fine.
ST to build 2 new 300mm fabs 10/12/2017
ST has not built a 300mm fab since 2002 when it built Crolles 2 with Motorola and Philips. Motorola (later Freescale) and Philips pulled out of the collaboration in 2007.
California governor Jerry Brown to put more zero emission cars on the road 10/12/2017
The state is working toward putting 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025 ó an ambitious target.
Kobe Steel accused of altering inspection data 10/12/2017
Kobe Steel, Japan's third-largest steel maker, has announced that between Sept. 1, 2016 and Aug. 31 of this year it sold aluminum and copper materials using falsified data on such things as the products' strength.
Multi-layer 3D-NAND takes impractical wafer process time 10/11/2017
The limitations of 3D NAND scaling seem obvious. Then, will 3D NAND reach the end of its life span? It might not be that far off.
Iron Mountain to acquire data centers in London and Singapore 10/11/2017
This marks Iron Mountainís first step toward international data center expansion. It expands Iron Mountainís portfolio, which provides data center services to organizations across all industries that require highly secure, reliable, and compliant data storage and related capabilities.
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