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Sunday, August 19, 2018
Industry News
Micron/Intel joint development announced update on 3D Xpoint memories 7/18/2018
Micron and Intel have agreed to complete joint development for the second generation of 3D XPoint technology, which is expected to occur in the first half of 2019.
F35 tactical fighter at bargan prices 7/18/2018
The goal has been to reduce the cost of an F-35 to $80 million by 2020 so the price will be comparable with fourth-generation fighter jets. The F-35, a fifth-generation jet, is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced military jets in the world.
What's next now that the ZTE ban is lifted 7/17/2018
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), moderator of the Semicon West panel will list critical technologies, many rooted in semiconductors, along with broad ideas for how to promote and protect them with a collection of investments, security measures and international collaborations.
Apple contributes to renewable energy fund in China 7/17/2018
"Apple’s mission has never wavered. We are here to change the world... it’s why we continuously strive to do more with less—reducing our impact on the Earth we all share, while expanding and redefining the possibilities ahead,"
Apple is expected to require mass number of 3D sensors 7/17/2018
Three new iPhone models and two new iPad versions set to be released in late third-quarter 2018 are very likely to incorporate the face ID function, significantly driving up demand for key optical component VCSEL.
Google lose chip design guru to Facebook 7/17/2018
FaceBook hired Shahriar Rabii to be a vice president and its head of silicon. Rabii previously worked at Google, where he helped lead the team in charge of building chips for the company’s devices, including the Pixel smartphone’s custom Visual Core chip.
Airbus is on-hold waiting for details on Brexit 7/16/2018
The pan-European aerospace giant is one of Britain’s biggest manufacturers, employing 14,000 people at 25 sites, including 6,000 at Broughton in north Wales. It also supports more than 100,000 jobs in the wider supply chain and spent £5bn with more than 4,000 UK suppliers last year.
Intel acquires eASIC for added FPGA technology 7/16/2018
Intel is eying gains in market segments like 4G and 5G wireless, networking and IoT via eASIC's structured ASICs offering.
SoftBank certifies MediaTek NarrowBand IoT for Japan 7/16/2018
MediaTek's technology enables IoT devices to work on batteries. As a result of these tests, MediaTek's NB-IoT chipset has been validated for use on the SoftBank network, paving the way for low-power connected devices on Japan's leading wireless network.
Eurepean companies rush in to develope 5G with China 7/16/2018
As the U.S. ramps ups its trade war rhetoric, European companies have been busy this week signing mega-partnership deals with China for industrial IoT, network infrastructure, 5G and AI research.
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