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Thursday, October 18, 2018
Industry News
Qualcomm wants to go beyond smartphones in China 10/18/2018
In the past, Qualcomm's collaboration with the Chinese companies was mainly in the mobile phone field. As technology thrives, the collaboration expanded to other emerging areas, such as connected vehicles, Internet of Things, and integrated circuit manufacturing.
China eyes on Taiwan chip design telents 10/18/2018
China-based companies are willing to offer much higher salaries - 3-5 times the annual income offered by their Taiwan-based counterparts - to bring in more talent.
Let's put away trade talk with China for the moment 10/18/2018
The Trump administration notified Congress on Tuesday that it plans to pursue trade agreements with the European Union, Japan and Britain.
United States ranked first in world's most competitive economies 10/18/2018
Organizers of the annual Davos conference ranked the United States first in their ranking of the world's most competitive economies for the first time in a decade.
Netflix gains 7 million new subscribers 10/17/2018
Netflix shares, already up about 78 percent so far this year, jumped 14 percent to $394.25 in after-hours trading, and boosted other high-tech stocks.
Qualcomm offers “60GHz Wi-Fi" on chip 10/17/2018
Qualcomm is referring to its latest chipsets as part of its “60GHz Wi-Fi portfolio,” but the technology is also known as 802.11ay and WiGig.
Kingston crown top SSD seller through channel market 10/17/2018
Total annual SSD shipments from all memory module makers grew by 2-3% YoY for the year. Branded NAND Flash manufacturers jointly accounted for 40% of the global SSD shipments for 2017, while the other 60% was contributed by memory module makers.
Qualcomm asked a federal judge to delay ruling in order to pursue settlement 10/17/2018
At issue in the civil litigation and regulatory disputes is whether Qualcomm’s patent licensing practices, when combined with its chip business, constitute anticompetitive behavior.
This is a great country and it does need to be defended.— Jeff Bezos 10/16/2018
Amazon is bidding for a 10-year contract with the Defense Department known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure project, JEDI, to offer cloud computing services worth up to $10 billion.
Average revenue per wafer for foundries heading downward 10/16/2018
IC Insights believes the big foundry companies are likely to be fierce competitors among themselves—especially TSMC and Samsung—and as a result, pricing will likely be under pressure through 2022.
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