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Thursday, February 22, 2018
Industry News
Samsung offers 30TB SSD 2/21/2018
It is the largest memory capacity ever for a single form factor storage device and enough to store 5,700 Full HD (1920x1080, or around 5GB) movies.
NXP to launch GreenBox development platform. for EV and plugged in cars 2/21/2018
With the Greenbox launch, NXP is officially shifting its EV and hybrid EV development platform from Power architecture to Arm Cortex technology.
Qualcomm raise offer for NXP as a defence against Broadcom 2/21/2018
It could strengthen Qualcomm’s defenses because it allows its shareholders to better assess the standalone value of Qualcomm as an alternative to a deal with Broadcom.
What is Broadcom to get off the proposed Qualcomm merger? 2/21/2018
Financial analysts agree that the $121 billion deal is in the best interests of stockholders for the short-term. But long-term, they say that it’s bad for the industry and that Broadcom’s growth-by-acquisition model will not be sustainable.
Amazon use discounts, cash back benefits, and speedy delivery times to boost Wholefood sales 2/20/2018
Amazon is hoping discounts, cash back benefits, and speedy delivery times will encourage Prime members to make all of their grocery purchases at Whole Foods. Amazon may be an online retail giant, but the grocery market is difficult to break into and even more difficult to dominate.
NAND flash memory chip prices expected to stabilize 2/20/2018
ASP is forecast to fall to $0.24 this year and further dip to $0.15 in 2019 before reaching $0.08 in 2021, equivalent to one quarter of last year's price.
China anxious to break into memory industry through massive spending 2/20/2018
China must develop most of the technology itself. But it’s difficult to play catch-up in the competitive memory market against the multinationals such as Intel, Micron, Samsung, SK Hynix, Toshiba and Western Digital.
class action lawsuits against Intel forSpectre and Meltdown issue 2/20/2018
The companies have issued fixes but some patches slowed down computers, leading sector analysts to say producers could potentially face suits from clients and consumers claiming damages because their devices did not work as they should.
iPhone 11 will be more affordable 2/19/2018
Apple will release an improved version of the iPhone 11 that will still be rather affordable. This smartphone will feature a 6.1-inch screen, yet will retail at a price point of just $699.
EUV lithography challenges the semi industry 2/19/2018
As chip makers start using EUVL in fabs--scanner uptime (mostly related to source), lack of commercial actinic patterned mask inspection tools and readiness of EUV mask pellicles will challenge their future.
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