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Monday, March 27, 2017
Industry News
Thanks to DRAM prices, Micron is far ahead on quarterly revenue 3/24/2017
Global memory chip makers are on the cusp of what analysts call an ultra-super-cycle as supply bottlenecks created by efforts to make smaller yet more efficient chips weigh, while demand soars for data storage from smartphones and artificial intelligence to autonomous driving and the Internet of Things.
Samsung to work with eSilicon and Rambus to create HBM2 memory to network interface chip 3/24/2017
Samsung said I-Cube solution will be essential to network applications for high-speed signaling in networks, and will likely be adopted for other areas such as computing where high-speed processing power is required.
Japanese start-up to manufacture power diodes with gallium oxide process 3/24/2017
The firm is aiming to commercialise crystalline á-Ga2O3 (corundum/sapphire/ruby structure) in power transistors and Schottky diodes – with the intention of manufacturing 600V TO-220 diodes in 2018 to compete against silicon carbide power devices.
Flash storage is taking over 3/24/2017
‘It has reached a point in its technology development to be able to scale hugely to drive a transformational shift in computing and information processing, as it is radically faster than a traditional spinning disk, with much higher capacity,’
China/s aggressive expansion will drain tech telents globally 3/23/2017
China’s IC manufacturers are affecting the movement of industry talents worldwide as they continue to aggressively headhunt for senior managers and engineers. The competition for human resource is becoming fiercer and will reach a critical point this year
UMC to run 28nm in Xiamen 3/23/2017
UMC's transfer of 28nm process technology to subsidiary United Semiconductor (Xiamen) has been approved by the Investment Commission of Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs
Most tech industry immigrants are legally in the country 3/23/2017
Just over a quarter of people employed in the computer and electronic product sector were born abroad but the industry is distinct in having the lowest quota of unauthorized immigrants, just 5 percent.
Wal-Mart launch incubator lab as its effort to embrace technology 3/23/2017
Wal-Mart focused on projects in robotics, virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence as it aims to compete more aggressively with Amazon.
Micron/s acquisition of Cando establishes quality center in Taiwan 3/22/2017
The new integrated center of excellence is expected to bring greater operational cost efficiency that will benefit Micron's DRAM business on a global scale.
Qualcomm introduced chip for under $50 phones 3/22/2017
The new offering -- designed for phones to be sold in markets such as India, Latin America and Southeast Asia -- allows for longer battery life and faster access to social media and other content.
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