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Friday, August 18, 2017
Industry News
Applied Material beats estimate 8/18/2017
Q3 revenue and profit that topped analysts' expectations, and forecast this quarter's revenue and profit comfortably above consensus, sending its shares higher in late trading.
Taiwan's massive blackout calls for review on infrastructure 8/18/2017
The blackout was caused by “structural problems” and human error involving the replacement of equipment at state-owned gas supplier CPC Corp, which ultimately affected the operations of a power plant owned by state-run Taiwan Power Co.
Can Intel strive and grow in this new era? 8/18/2017
The company's latest results clearly indicate that its pursuit of fast-growing opportunities is bearing fruit.
Graphic card VRAM prices up 30% 8/18/2017
Both Samsung and SK Hynix have bumped up their VRAM prices by more than 30% this month alone due to spiraling demand from phone manufacturers.
NAND prices drives up SSD cost 8/17/2017
Prices of solid-state drives used for data storage in personal computers and servers climbed for a 14th consecutive month in July, underpinned by higher costs for a core component.
Nvidia became the 3rd largest fabless design hourse after Broadcomand Qualcomm 8/17/2017
Nvidia overtook MediaTek as the world's third-largest IC design company in terms of revenues in the second quarter of 2017.
Denmark shiper said: cyber attack costs them $200 to $300 millions 8/17/2017
"In the last week of the quarter we were hit by a cyber-attack, which mainly impacted Maersk Line, APM Terminals and Damco. Business volumes were negatively affected for a couple of weeks in July. The businesses "were significantly affected," but there was "no data breach or data. loss."
Japan sets model for automated manufacturing 8/17/2017
The debate over machines snatching jobs from people is muted in Japan, where birth rates have been sinking for decades, raising fears of a labor shortage. It would be hard to find a culture that celebrates robots more, evident in the popularity of companion robots for consumers.
With memory prices and profit up it also creates shortage of telents 8/16/2017
Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are looking to hire experienced workers, but also high school graduates. On the company’s recruitment website, Samsung Electronics recently posted a hiring notice for experienced workers to join the company’s memory chip businesses at its device solution department.
Special clause to allow Samsung Life Insurance Co. to sell off it's Samsung shares 8/16/2017
Revised bill of the Insurance Business Act proposed last year requires insurance companies to change the standard of asset management rates from acquisition costs to market prices and sell their stocks by lots within five years.
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