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Sunday, April 30, 2017
Industry News
Micron named new CEO 4/28/2017
Micron Technology, Inc. named former SanDisk CEO and co-inventor of NAND flash Sanjay Mehrotra as its president and chief executive officer, effective May 8. He succeeds Mark Durcan.
Semiconductors is now a $352 billion business 4/28/2017
DRAMs, NAND flash memory devices and processors account for a majority of chip sales, providing steady or rising revenue for top players.
NAND and DRAM shortages to hamper demand in the server and PC market 4/28/2017
Our desire to maintain lower inventories going into the summer months and some conservatism due to the potential impact of component shortages in DRAM and NAND on various aspects of our customers' businesses in the server, CSP and client space.
Will be a tight supply of waffers 4/28/2017
GlobalWafers anticipated that wafer prices will see larger growth in the second half of 2017 than in the first half, as the ongoing shortage will become more acute in the second half of the year.
Micron brags about its integrated global memory operations 4/27/2017
Micron has four manufacturing sites worldwide, while setting up backend facilities in Xian (China), Taiwan and Singapore, said Allan. The backend site in Taiwan is dedicated to providing wafer-level packaging services for DRAM memory, while that in Singapore is engaged in the backend services of NAND flash memory.
Samsung offers foundary with 28nm embedded MRAM 4/27/2017
Samsung’s MRAM is said to be 1000 times faster than NAND with unlimited endurace and will be offered with Samsung’s 28nm FD-SOI process.
Trump picks Canada on trade topics 4/27/2017
Before sunrise Tuesday in Washington, Trump went on Twitter to declare: "Canada has made business for our dairy farmers in Wisconsin and other border states very difficult. We will not stand for this.
U.S. consumer confidence down from record December 4/27/2017
"Despite April's decline, consumers remain confident that the economy will continue to expand in the months ahead,"
3D NAND has reached 50% flash supply benchmark 4/26/2017
3D NAND now makes up more than half of Samsung's and Micron's respective NAND Flash bit outputs. SK Hynix is also preparing to launch 72-layer NAND chips.
AMD demos GPU for 8K graphics 4/26/2017
The Vega GPU handling 8K video processing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. The other focuses on 4K post-processing with Radeon ProRender, which renders high-end graphics.
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