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Saturday, June 24, 2017
Industry News
4DS Memory Limited wnats to challenge DRAM with its ReRAM 6/23/2017
4DS Memory Limited recently announced that architectural changes to its patented Interface Switching ReRAM have improved read access so dramatically that it is now comparable to DRAM.
Powerchip resumes NOR production 6/23/2017
Powerchip said it plans to resume production of NOR flash memory chips in Taiwan to take advantage of a supply crunch.
Transition to 3D NAND might hit supply shortage 6/23/2017
“What we are looking at is how long it’s going to take for the last problem to be solved in order to make 3D NAND a cost effective part to build. Until that happens, we expect the shortages to grow more acute, because demand will continue to grow while production does not.”
Is Mentor good for Siemens ? 6/23/2017
Grindstaff made a persuasive case for the combination of the two firms at a time when Siemens PLM customers—mostly system vendors from across various industies—are increasingly designing their own chips for inclusion in their products.
Number of phone chips to be over PC chips this year 6/22/2017
"The ongoing slump in shipments of standard personal computers, along with the drop-off in tablets, is setting the stage for cellphone IC sales to finally surpass earnings generated in personal computing systems this year,"
Taiwan Government to invest in Semiconductor industry 6/22/2017
“The Taiwanese government will invest NT$4 billion (US$131.38 million) over the next four years into the nation’s semiconductor industry.”
Global leaders celebrated 70 years of open markets 6/22/2017
The anniversary comes amid concern in Europe and elsewhere about President Donald Trump's "America first" approach to trade and other matters.
Smart factories to grow in next 5 years 6/22/2017
a smart factory is defined as using digital technologies such as IoT, Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics to increase a company’s productivity, quality and flexibility.
Rambus announce availability of JEDEC standard DDR4 NVRCD 6/21/2017
NVDIMMs bridge the gap between dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and storage, allowing greater flexibility in data management by providing non-volatile, low-latency memory closer to the processor.
MediaTek to increase head count by 1000 this year 6/21/2017
The company plans to hire around a thousand new employees in 2017. That’s definitely good news, as it shows that MediaTek is growing and adding more employees should help the company continue to grow in the future.
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