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Sunday, June 17, 2018
Industry News
CHina to reqire RFID chip on new cars 6/15/2018
China’s approach to surveillance raises questions about how vehicle tracking might be used in future.
Taiwan Semi industry needs continue government support R&D 6/15/2018
without the government's strong backing from the very beginning, Taiwan's semiconductor industry would not see what it has achieved today,
55% of all connections to go wireless 6/15/2018
"WLAN, Bluetooth and Zigbee are already entrenched in the home automation and consumer electronics segments. And in the coming years, wireless is going to have a huge impact on industries such as healthcare, where providers will lean heavily on wireless connectivity to track and trace costly equipment across large sites and to monitor the condition of patients within domestic settings."
IBM chief see AI as equavalent to the PC revolution 6/14/2018
While PC and Internet have driven two major technological shifts over the past 50 years, artificial intelligence (AI) will drive the third exponential shift in the next 25 years.
Old Toshiba to stage a $7 billion share buy back 6/14/2018
The move is largely in response to growing voices from activist members ahead of the company's annual shareholders meeting scheduled for later this month.
Producer price inches up 6/14/2018
Producer price index rose 3.1 percent from May 2017. The index rose 0.5 percent from April, biggest one-month increase since January. In April, producer prices rose just 0.1 percent.
EV cars are getting more entrenched 6/14/2018
current growth rates are immense. With big manufacturers jumping on the electrified bandwagon and e-car champion Tesla guiding the whole development.
Apple fans gpt their excitment out of WWDC 6/13/2018
While fans didn’t get a look at the iPhone SE 2 at WWDC they have been delivered exciting news about Apple’s alleged iPhone plans for this year.
Samsung looking forward to supply 256GB DDR4 RDIMM 6/13/2018
By the end of the year, it will complete the sampling of 16Gb–based 256GB DIMMs, which would expand the memory capacity for a 2P server to as much as 8TB.
Winbond offers automotive grade serial flash 6/13/2018
The new Winbond 1.8V W25N01JW chip can replace SPI NOR flash memory in automotive applications, such as data storage for instrument clusters or the center information displays (CIDs), the company indicated.
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