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Monday, April 23, 2018

Guideline for Memory Upgrade

Memory FAQ Topics
Guideline for Memory Upgrade
Q. How do I know when I have enough memory?
A. Determining your needs
The amount of memory you need is determined by several factors; the software, operating system and the number of programs you want to have open at the same time. When you determine memory needs, you'll also want to consider what your needs will be six months down the road. If you think you may be upgrading your operating system or adding more software, it's a good idea to factor that into the equation now. The following user profile will also help guide your decision:

Business user (64MB-128MB)
Light to Medium usage: runs 2 or 3 applications at one time. Mainly used for word processing, e-mail, fax and communication, database type of application

Home multimedia user (64MB - 128MB)
Light to Heavy usage: runs 2 or 3 applications at one time. Mainly used for word processing, e-mail, surfing the internet, with Heavy user may include use of database, Graphics & 3D intensive games.

Graphics user (128MB - 512MB)
Light to heavy: runs 3 or more applications at one time. Graphic page layout, illustration/graphics. and Heavy users also need photo editing, font packages, multimedia and presentation software.

CAD Design (256MB - 2GB)
Light to heavy: CAD and CAM software. Heavy users need 3D CAD and solid modeling CAM.
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