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Monday, July 16, 2018

Guideline for Memory Upgrade

Memory FAQ Topics
Guideline for Memory Upgrade
Q. How Much Memory Do I Have?
A. It's easy to find out how much memory your PC has :

1. From your User/Owner's Manual
Consult your user/owner's manual for details about the original memory configuration and capacity. If you've misplaced the manual, you may be able to contact the retailer where you bought the PC from.

2. If you have a hand-me-down PC or inherited a pre-owned PC, you probably may not have the user manual or know any detail of the original memory configuration or the memory configuration may have been changed. Then you may want to try one of the following options:

2a) Ask Your PC
If your PC is running Windows NT/98/95, use the right mouse-click on "My Computer" then select "Properties." The total memory is calculated and displayed under the Tab that shows "General" in the system property dialog box.

If your PC is running Windows v 3.1 or older, go to the DOS prompt and type in "MSD."

2b) Ask Your Mac
If you're a Mac user, select "About This Macintosh" or ("About This Computer") from the
Apple menu on the upper left corner of your Desktop. This will provide information about
your Mac's total memory (built-in memory plus DIMMs or SIMMs installed).
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