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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Memory Installation Support

Memory FAQ Topics
Memory Installation Support
Q. Installing and Removing Memory Module.
Replacing defective modules and upgrading to new modules
A. Things needed
- new memory modules
- screwdriver (pc case removal)
- pc user manual or guide

Tips on Memory Module Installatioon

1. ensure environment is static safe by removing any unwanted plastic, bags from your workbench. Keep the computer system plugged into your AC unit but ensure that the power switch on the PC is turned off. Keeping the PC plugged in the AC will ensure that case is grounded thus reducing the possibility of damaging the module or system from ESD (Electro Static Discharge)

2. After removing the casing cover, ground yourself by touching any of the metal surfaces on your computer casing. Doing this step discharges any static built up on your body and clothings

3. Visually locate the computer memory expansion slots. This is normal visible but if in doubt, refer to your operation manual instruction book.

4. Insert memory upgrade according to illustration in guide. Take note of
- modules keyed notches and match to socket

5. Replace case to complete installation.

Note: when restarting your computer, note any error messages that is being displayed and update your configuration setting accordingly.
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