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Monday, July 16, 2018

Troubleshooting Guide

Memory FAQ Topics
Troubleshooting Guide
Q. Guide to Troubleshooting Memory Failures without a Memory Tester
A. This section is written with the assumption there is a general understanding of PC operating system, in order for you to be capable of performing the diagnostic procedures detailed below.

We will try to describe the entire process in full detail, however it is beyond the scope of this troubleshooter guide to provide all the necessary information to cover all possible PC system failures. For further assistance with non-memory related failures, please consult your PC manual or manufacturer support help online system. If your particular question is not addressed in this section please send us an e-mail and we will do our best to provide you with the right answers.

When you are experiencing memory failures on your PC system, there are several faults to determined, check the following:

* PC system does not boot-up
* HIMEM.SYS does not load
* Memory failure due to system hanging up, or system rebooting after running a large program.
* Fail to install win3.1, Win95 and Win98
* Windows program is unstable
* Continous beeping sound emitted by system during power up
* Continous ram count during boot-up , without loading Windows program
* No display other than blue screen on the monitor during boot-up
* Totally no video display on the monitor.
* System hang or rebooting after prolong usage.

All of the above are typical of memory related failures, you need to be either well trained or PC knowledgeable to be able to perform the correct diagnostic methods.

Once a memory failure has been detected, identifying the defective module is not an easy task either. With a large variety of motherboard provided by different manufacturer around the world, and with the many different combination of SIMM/DIMM slots provided, it would be difficult if not impossible to assemble a complete information about how a particular memory error would map to a failing memory module.

However, there are some basic rules that may be taken to pinpoint defective modules using a memory diagnostic software as an aid.
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