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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Memory Glossary, Memory Terms
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Term Definition
Marching Detail test pattern designed to check for decoder and cell interaction problems
Megabit Approximately one million bits: 1 bit x 1,0242 (that is, 1,048,576 bits).
Megabyte, MB (MB) A unit of measurement approximately equal to 1 million bytes (1,048,576 to be exact).
Memory A Term commonly used to refer to computer system's random access memory (see also RAM). The term memory has also been used to refer to all types of electronic data storage (see storage). A computer system's memory is crucial to its operation; without memory, a computer could not read programs or retain data. Memory stores data electronically in memory cells contained in chips. The two most common types of memory chips are DRAM and SRAM
Memory Bank A logical unit of memory in a computer, the size of which is determined by the computer's CPU. For example, a 32-bit CPU calls for memory banks that provide 32 bits of information at a time.
Memory Configuration The amount of memory in an IC and how it is accessed. Also, a code on the lot traveler used to indicate the IC's memory configuration (e.g., 1M1 = 1 Meg x 1, 4M4 = 4 Meg x 4, etc.).
Memory Controller The interface between system memory and the central processing unit. The memory controller consists of special circuitry--usually a microprocessor--within a computer system that interprets requests from the central processing unit in order to locate data locations, or addresses, in memory.
Memory Cycle Minimum amount of time required for a memory to complete a cycle such as read, write, read/write, or read/modify/write.
MIPS (MIPS) Millions of Instructions Per Second. This measurement is generally used when describing the speed of computer systems
Motherboard Also known as logic board, main board, or system board; your computer's main electronics board, which in most cases either contains all CPU, memory, and I/0 functions, or has expansion slots that support them.
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